Pacific Wonderland License Plate

Purchase a Pacific Wonderland license plate to help put the power of Oregon history into everyone’s hands. These vibrant retro plates add the finishing touch to any daily commuter or classic car. Proceeds from plate purchases are split between the Oregon Historical Society and the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.

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Purchase a Piece of Oregon History

Oregon schoolchildren created the original Pacific Wonderland license plate in honor of Oregon’s 100th birthday. The license plate featured the colors of the state flag, a blue background with yellow font, and the words “Pacific Wonderland” printed below the plate number. Oregon issued the original Pacific Wonderland plates for five years between 1959 and 1964. Re-released in 2009 to celebrate Oregon’s sesquicentennial, the current version of the plate features the same bold design with the addition of the Oregon 150 logo.

A One-Time Investment

These special plates cost $100 at the time of purchase (in addition to the DMV’s standard plate fee and regular registration fee), but unlike other Oregon specialty plates, this is a one-time charge — you won’t pay any additional fees when you need to renew your registration. This $100 fee is split evenly between OHS and the Oregon State Capitol Foundation, funding each institution’s critical educational work.

Order a Pacific Wonderland Plate Today!

Because most DMV offices are now open by appointment only, there are two ways to buy Pacific Wonderland license plates:

  1. Online: Go to the DMV website and click Registration Renewal Options to add the plates to your ride. You can also buy them online between renewals.
  2. By Mail: Download an application (PDF). Print, complete, and mail it in with your payment.

When it’s time to renew, order these classic plates to help preserve Oregon’s history!