Pacific Wonderland License Plate

Buy these Classic Oregon Plates and Help Preserve Oregon History

The classic Pacific Wonderland license plate is reborn! Own this limited edition license plate re-created in honor of Oregon's 150th birthday. Proceeds from plate sales will be split evenly between the Oregon Historical Society and the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.

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Oregon schoolchildren originally created the Pacific Wonderland license plate in honor of Oregon's 100th birthday. The license plates featured the colors of the state flag, a blue background with yellow font and had the words "Pacific Wonderland" below the letters and numbers. Oregon issued the original Pacific Wonderland plates for five years between 1959 and 1964. The new iteration, features the same bold, blue background, yellow font, and "Pacific Wonderland" motto, but also includes the popular Oregon 150 logo in honor of Oregon's 150th birthday.

Pacific Wonderland license plate

So, show your pride in being an Oregonian, add the finishing touch to your classic car, decorate that new car with a little bit of classic Oregon, or let everyone know that you support Oregon's history and education programs.

Don't miss your chance to own this historic, limited edition license plate. There will only be 80,000 of these retro plates released, and they should sell quickly. Retro your ride today and help preserve Oregon history!

Help Support History!

The funds generated by Pacific Wonderland license plate sales will preserve and teach Oregon's unique history by supporting both the Oregon State Capitol Foundation and the Oregon Historical Society.

The Oregon Historical Society will utilize the revenue to fulfill their mission to preserve and interpret Oregon's past in thoughtful, illuminating, and provocative ways and to fill the funding gap recently created by state budget cuts. These vital Oregon Historical Society educational programs include:

  • The Research Library, which is currently operating at reduced hours.
  • Education programs for students and the general public
  • Production of our journal, the Oregon Historical Quarterly
  • Permanent and rotating Oregon Historical Society exhibits

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation will utilize its share of the revenue to realize its vision to create the Capitol History Center, a history museum and education center located in Oregon's Capitol building in Salem. The Capitol History Center will portray Oregon's living history, enhance the dignity and beauty of the Capitol, and foster cultural and educational opportunities. The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the State Capitol and the shared heritage that it represents for all Oregonians. Learn more about the Oregon State Capitol Foundation and find out how you can help .

One-Time Investment

There is a one-time surcharge of $100 per set of plates paid at issuance, in addition to the DMV's standard $24 plate fee and regular registration fee. However, the Pacific Wonderland plates are unique among special Oregon plates because unlike other special plates, you will not be charged any additional fees when you need to renew your registration. So, they actually pay for themselves over time!

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