Portland Penny Puzzle

The OHS Museum Store is excited to collaborate with local designer Nance & Sasser on a limited edition puzzle featuring one of the most iconic objects in OHS’s museum collection: the Portland Penny. Visitors from around the world gather in the lobby of our museum for a glimpse of the 1835 American copper penny that named our city. According to The Oregon Encyclopedia, in 1845, two early developers — Asa Lovejoy of Boston, Massachusetts, and Francis Pettygrove of Portland, Maine — decided that their growing village nestled between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers needed a name. Over dinner, they agreed to a two-out-of-three toss naming contest — Boston if Lovejoy won, Portland if Pettygrove won. With three tosses of a penny, Pettygrove was the winner and Portland got its name.

Bring the Portland Penny into your living room and support the Oregon Historical Society by purchasing a limited edition 16" x 20", 504-piece jigsaw Portland Penny Puzzle for $26 while supplies last.

Portland Penny Puzzle, courtesy Nance & Sasser.

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