Wagons to the Willamette: Captain Levi Scott and the Southern Route to Oregon, 1844 – 1847

Stafford Hazelett
$29.95 paperback

As he neared his ninetieth birthday Captain Levi Scott employed his friend James Layton Collins to help him record his life story, but the memoir was never published. Now edited and extensively annotated by Oregon Historical Society member Stafford Hazelett, Scott's autobiography has been published as Wagons to the Willamette. An exceptional contribution to Oregon Trail history, Scott's reminiscence is the only first-hand account by someone who participated in the search for a southern route to the Willamette Valley in response to the plea of settlers and the provisional government for a better, safer way through the Cascades. Scott also recalls the harrowing first wagon train he led along the route detailing long stretches of unwatered desert, soda plains, mirages, a heroic mother, dense timber, and steep canyons.