About OHQ

Imagine a beautiful room with good lighting and comfortable chairs. People gather there to talk about the past. As they come and go, they bring in books and letters and photographs and memories, making them available for anyone else who visits. It is a place where people build on each other's knowledge and understanding to create something that is bigger than any one of them and that is of use to everyone. That room is the Oregon Historical Quarterly.

Everyone is welcome in the room!

What kinds of articles are published in OHQ?

Research articles

Generally the longest in any issue, presenting a thesis and supporting evidence and narrative about a significant aspect of the past

Oregon voices and Oregon places

Generally shorter and focused on a person or place

Primary documents

Reproductions with introductions to give context

Research files

Showcases underutilized collections, research tools, and research processes

Local history spotlights

Highlight projects focused on local history across oregon

Photo essays

Focus is on images, with lengthy captions and introductory context

Review and reflection essays

In which authors reflect on their own books or review a group of books

Who are OHQ authors? 

Anyone willing and able to do the work to bring a manuscript through peer review!

What do we look for in OHQ manuscripts?

Does it contain new information about, or new perspectives on, the past?

Does it engage with what we already know? Is it taking part in the conversation?

Does it clearly relate the effects of specific decisions and actions by individuals or groups of people?

Does it answer the most important question: WHY DOES THIS MATTER?

OHQ is the vanguard of Oregon history!

Through OHQ, niche obsessions become the building blocks of knowledge about Oregon's past.

Submissions and Advertising

Please see the Information for Authors pdf below for submission guidelines and contacts.


Eliza E. Canty-Jones, Editor

Erin Brasell, Managing Editor

Sarah Harris, Rose Tucker Fellow
Photo and Editorial Research

Katrine Barber, Book Review Editor

Editorial Advisory Board

Jennifer Fang, Japanese American Museum of Oregon and University of Portland

Laura Ferguson, High Desert Museum

Natalia Fernández, Oregon State University

Dennis Griffin, Cultural Horizons

James Harrison, Portland Community College (emeritus)

Audie Huber, Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation

Robert Kentta (Siletz), Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Chelsea Rose, Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology

Carmen Thompson, Portland Community College and Portland State University

Joel Zapata, Oregon State University