Reproduction and Research Services

The Oregon Historical Society research library offers reproductions of OHS collection material as a service for research, personal, educational, creative, or commercial use. Fees for reproduction and retrieval cover labor costs for technical services including but not limited to research, retrieval of original or digital materials, equipment setup, care and handling requirements, metadata creation, and delivery. Turnaround time for reproduction requests is dependent on staff availability, and, in some instances, external vendor schedules.

Digitization Services

Please note that turnaround time for orders may be slower than normal; expedited services and printed reproductions are not available at this time. Contact for more information.

Reproduction Order Form

Please download and complete this form using Acrobat Reader (not a web browser), save the completed form, then email it to

For questions regarding ordering reproductions from photograph or manuscript collections, please contact Robert Warren, Digital Services Photographer at

Unbound Material

Standard or smaller than 12" x 17"
  • $15 per image.
  • For larger projects (over 50 images), inquire for cost estimate.

Special Handling

Bound, brittle, rare, oversized larger than 12" x 17", or complicated objects
  • Cost estimate required, billed at hourly production rate, one hour minimum.

Special Requests

  • Special handling scanning costs will apply if the researcher requests scanning at a resolution different than the OHS standard for that size. See OHS Digital Production Specifications for more information about our imaging specifications.
  • Special handling scanning costs may also apply if physical limitations of the material require multiple photographs to be taken to capture the entire image.

Image Output Specifications

  • Images are produced as single TIFF images with lossless LZW compression.
  • Images will not include a color bar/ruler unless requested.
  • Researchers may request image delivery as TIFF, JPEG, or PDF.
  • Image resolution varies depending on object size.

Additional Services


Cropping - no charge; marked photo copies must be supplied with order.

Retouching/Restoration - cost estimate required, subject to staff availability, OHS collection photos only, billed at hourly production rate, one hour minimum. Please inquire at


Printing costs are per print in addition to digitization costs.

Size (inches) Cost
5 x 7 Digitization cost + $10/print
8 x 10 Digitization cost + $20/print
11 x 14 Digitization cost + $30/print
16 x 20 Digitization cost + $60/print
20 x 24 Digitization cost + $90/print
20 x 30 Digitization cost + $140/print
Larger than 20 x 30 Contact us at

Estimated Delivery Time and Production Rates

All rush orders are charged at the hourly rate, 30 minute minimum, instead of the per image rate. Hourly production rates billed in 15 minute increments.

  Cost per Hour Turnaround Time*
Standard $60/hour 15 business days*
Rush $90/hour (1.5x Standard) 10 business days*
2x Rush $120/hour (2x Standard) 5 business days*

*Note: Large or complex orders may increase this time.

Shipping and Handling
Domestic Shipping $10
International Shipping $15
Digital Delivery or OHS Pickup Free
File Delivery
  • Files will be delivered via a Dropbox link upon order completion and payment.
  • Links will expire 2 weeks after initial notification.

For questions regarding the oral history and sound recording collections, please contact Sarah Stroman, Oral History Librarian, at

In-house Digitization and Duplication

  • $15 per recorded hour (Minimum 1 hour, billed in 15 minute increments).
  • For longer recordings (over 10 hours), inquire for cost estimate.
  • Allow 15 business days for standard orders.

Vendor Digitization

Rare formats, fragile, or damaged recordings requiring conservation care, or special handling
  • Condition of a requested recording may require shipping to an outside vendor for conservation and digitization.
  • All shipping, conservation, and vendor fees will be the responsibility of the researcher.
  • OHS’s Oral History Librarian will contact you with an estimate for approval prior to sending material to a vendor.
  • Allow additional turn-around time for vendor digitization.

File Output Specifications

  • Files are delivered as a compressed .mp3 file for research use.
  • Uncompressed .wav files are available upon request; additional fees for delivery and handling may apply. Inquire for estimate.
Shipping and Handling
Domestic Shipping $10
International Shipping $15
Digital Delivery or OHS Pickup Free
CD-R fee $3 per unit
File Delivery
  • Files will be delivered via a Dropbox link upon order completion and payment.
  • Links will expire 2 weeks after initial notification.

For questions regarding the film and video collections, please contact Matthew Cowan, Archivist – Moving Images and Photography, at

The Oregon Historical Society charges a service fee of $80/hour for all moving image footage requests. This fee covers labor for technical services, which includes research, pulls, cleaning, repair, transfers, and rendering/uploading. Unless otherwise requested, we provide ProRes Quicktime/MOV files for all film requests and Quicktime/MOV for analog videotape.

OHS is able to digitize 8mm, S8mm, 16mm, Beta SP, DigiBeta, VHS, Umatic, and Betamax in-house. For 35mm or other formats, we will gladly ship materials to preapproved vendors for transfer. Researchers are responsible for all additional costs and must pay vendor directly. All lab shipping is done via FedEx, 2 day or less, and the researcher must provide a valid shipping number or prepaid label.

OHS is limited in terms of its ability to upload and/or transfer files online. In most cases, we can provide files via a file hosting service such as Dropbox. In certain instances — depending on the size of the files — it may be necessary to send footage via mail (client is responsible for all associated costs, notably hard drive and shipping).

While conditions may vary, please allow 15 business days for each request.


  • First 30 minutes free.
  • Additional Research Time: $80/hour, billed in 30-minute increments

Direct Transfer Costs Film + Videotape (billed in 30-minute increments)

  • Technical Services: $80/hour

File Retrieval for Already Digitized Materials:

  • $20/file

16mm News Film Compilations

  • Per Story Fee: $25/story (estimate)

Post Production

  • OHS does not offer post production services. All film reels and videotapes are transferred in full.

Rush Orders

  • Rush orders may be accommodated on a limited basis dependent on staff availability. All rush requests are charged at 2x the standard hourly rate.

Please note: All orders are subject to review and dependent on staffing availability. We reserve the right to decline requests for reasons including the condition and size of the original object, in-house technological limitations, legal or other restrictions.

Notice on Copyright and Use for OHS Reproduction Services

Any use of reproductions from the OHS Collections exceeding fair use of copyrighted materials, including transferring or recopying, requires the permission of the copyright holder. OHS does not hold the copyright to most of the materials in its collections. The nature of historical collections is such that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine. It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine copyright and secure permissions for any reuse of OHS materials exceeding fair use.

As a matter of scholarly best practice, we recommend that researchers using collection materials cite the Oregon Historical Society Research Library and/or OHS web pages as the source for collection materials.

Please refer to Using OHS Collections for additional information about copyright and the use of collection materials.