Camera Use Policy

Researchers who wish to use digital cameras to photograph library materials must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Preservation of the material overrides any technical needs of the camera.
  • Researchers will be supervised by library staff.
  • Library materials are to be handled according to library rules.
  • Use of flash is not permitted.
  • Use of outside lights, scanners, or other equipment is prohibited.
  • Materials must remain flat on table; no pushing on bindings, holding up, or otherwise manipulating the materials.

Researchers may only photograph OHS’s library collections for personal research purposes.

  • If reproductions of library materials are required for publication, exhibition, or broadcast in print, online, or in other media, please submit an order to obtain a professional-quality reproduction of the material.
  • Images of collection materials taken by researchers may not be published, broadcast, put online, exhibited, donated, or sold.
  • Clear documentation of the source collection, box/folder, and any associated item numbers for photographs taken of OHS’s library collection materials is highly encouraged for future access and citation.

The researcher accepts full responsibility for determining copyright and whether their use exceeds the limits of fair use. Visit the Using OHS Research Library Collections page for additional information on using library collections materials.

The Oregon Historical Society reserves the right to prohibit the photographing of library collections materials.