Accessibility and Accommodations

OHS’s research library is committed to creating a space that is welcoming and accessible to all people interested in exploring the library’s collections. The library underwent extensive renovations in 2020 and 2021, with many improvements to accessibility. These include a multi-height reference desk; ADA-compliant, gender-neutral restrooms; accessible drinking fountains; improved signage; adjustable height desks in the new Technology Hub; and a selection of assistive aids. The library also offers in-person as well as remote reference services by phone or email. Researchers are encouraged to contact the library in advance with accessibility requests so that staff can best assist with using the reading room.

Reading Room Access

Access to the library is by elevator. All publicly accessible spaces in OHS’s research library (Level 4) meet ADA standards.

Library Collections

Reference staff are happy to assist with providing access to reference books in the reading room. All other collections are in closed stacks; library staff will retrieve and deliver these collection items to researchers.

Magnifying Devices

Magnifying glasses and sheets are available upon request from the reference desk. Please note that magnifying devices should not be placed in direct contact with archival materials.

Public Access Computers

The Technology Hub’s public access computers at the end of each row are on height-adjustable desks for easy access for researchers with a mobility aid or wheelchair. Chairs provided at all stations in the Technology Hub are height- and ergonomically-adjustable and mobile.

Large trackball mice and large type keyboards are available from the reference desk. Researchers are also welcome to provide their own assistive equipment and aids.

Reading Room Tables and Seating

Both stationary and height-adjustable tables are available for researchers in the reading room. Height- and ergonomically-adjustable and mobile chairs can also be provided.

Reference Desk

The library’s reference desk has both standing-height and wheelchair-height access with generous clearance on all sides.

Registration Assistance

The library does not issue library cards and does not circulate materials but does require registration. Reference staff are available to assist with this process as needed.


All library restrooms are single occupancy, ADA accessible, and gender-neutral. ADA-accessible drinking fountains are nearby.