Winter 2007

Issue 108:4

This special issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly, guest edited by Katrine Barber and Andrew H. Fisher, is devoted to gathering knowledge about Celilo Falls, which was drowned by the water that backed up behind The Dalles Dam on March 10, 1957. Before it was inundated, Celilo Falls had been an economic, cultural, and spiritual center for mid–Columbia River Indians and other peoples from throughout the Pacific Northwest for thousands of years. Contributions to the heavily illustrated special issue include writing by tribal elders and scholars from a variety of disciplines, excerpts from oral history interviews, and poetry.

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In this Issue:

From Coyote to the Corps of Engineers: Recalling the History of The Dalles–Celilo Reach

by Katrine Barber and Andrew H. Fisher

Celilo Falls: At the Center of Western History

by Charles Wilkinson

Coyote Frees the Salmon

recorded by W.E. Myers

“Boils Swell & Whorl Pools”: The Historical Landscape of The Dalles–Celilo Reach of the Columbia River

by Cain Allen

Celilo Blues

by Ed Edmo

Closing the Gates on The Dalles Dam
newspaper excerpts

The Dalles Dam

by William F. Willingham

The Meaning of Falling Water: Celilo Falls and The Dalles in Historical Literature

by William L. Lang

Childhood Memories of Fishing at Celilo Falls

by Allen V. Pinkham, Sr.

The Long Narrows: The Forgotten Geographic and Cultural Wonder

by Pat Courtney Gold

Celilo Lives on Paper

by George W. Aguilar, Sr.

Sk’in: The Other Side of the River

by Eugene S. Hunn

Relic Hunting, Archaeology, and Loss of Native American Heritage at The Dalles

by Virginia L. Butler

Wakanish Naknoowee Thluma: ‘Keepers of the Salmon’

by Charles F. Sams III

Elsie David

oral history excerpt

Celilo (Wyam) Root Feast and Salmon 2005

by Elizabeth Woody

Jeff Van Pelt

oral history excerpt

Celilo as I Knew It

by Alphonse F. Halfmoon

Ted Strong

oral history excerpt

Gertrude Glutsch Jensen

oral history excerpt

Tommy Kuni Thompson

Celilo Village Chief

Flora Cushinway Thompson

oral history excerpt

Barbara MacKenzie

oral history excerpt

The Corps of Engineers and Celilo Falls: Facing the Past, Looking to the Future

by Diana Fredlund

Relocation and the Celilo Village Community

by Carol Craig

Johnny Jackson and Wilbur Slockish, Jr.

oral history excerpts

Chuck Williams

oral history excerpt

There Has Been Something

by Ed Edmo

Significant Events in the History of Celilo Falls

compiled by the editors