Winter 2005

Issue 106:4

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In this Issue:

Troubled Passages: the Uncertain Journeys of Lewis and Clark 

by James P. Ronda  

Before Lewis and Clark, Lt. Broughton’s River of Names: the Columbia River Exploration of 1792 

by Jim Mockford  

Planting High-Technology Seeds: Tektronix’s Role in the Creation of Portland’s Silicon Forest 

by Heike Mayer  

The Dairies of Helen Lawrence Walters 

by Michael Munk 

Oregon Voices
Letters from Bob: A GI Re-entering Portland Life in 1945 

by Andy Carter  

Research Files
Katie Gale’s Tombstone: The Work of Researching a Life 

by Llyn De Danaan  

Oregon Biography
Humble Dignity: Tracing the Lifeway of Kathryn Harrison 

by Kristine Olson