Fall 2005

Issue 106:3

Special Issue: The Isaac I. Stevens and Joel Palmer Treaties, 1855 – 2005

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In this Issue:

The Stevens Treaties of 1854-1855: An Introduction 

by Kent Richards

The Isaac I. Stevens and Joel Palmer Treaties, 1855-2005 Treaty and Tribal Reference

Joel Palmer and Isaac I. Stevens Biographies

Indian Treaty History: A Subject for Agile Minds 

by Alexandra Harmon

Medicine Creek to Fox Island: Cadastral Scams and Contested Domains 

by SuAnn M. Reddrick and Cary C. Collins

The Legacy of the Walla Walla Council, 1855

by Cilfford E. Trafzer

Who’s in Charge of Fishing? 

by Fronda Woods

After the Treaties: Administration Pacific Northwest Indian Reservation 

by Robert E. Ficken

Picturing Food and Power at the Treaty Councils 

by Jacqueline B. Williams

Indian Perspectives on Food and Culture 

by Et-twaii-lish, Marjorie Waheneka

Oregon Voices
Indian Views of the Stevens-Palmer Treaties Today 

by Clark Hansen

American Indian Treaty Glossary 

by Robert J. Miller