Brave in the Attempt: Celebrating 50 years of Special Olympics Oregon

Special Olympics Oregon athletes practice for an 880-yard run, 1980. OHS Research Library, 023701.

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver (1921–2009) was a champion for people with intellectual disabilities. Shriver saw the impact that sport competitions had, and she believed that same impact and positive influence would benefit people with disabilities. In 1968, Shriver announced the creation of Special Olympics at the first Special Olympics Games, held at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.

In the early 1970s, Special Olympics expanded across the nation, establishing state-level programs to connect athletes with their local communities. In 1972, Special Olympics Oregon was officially founded on the same principles of using sports training and competition to increase acceptance and inclusion of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Fifty years later, Special Olympics Oregon serves over 12,000 participants each year through sports, education, and athlete health programs at no cost to the athletes and their families. When an individual joins Special Olympics Oregon, they are often active with the organization throughout their life. Athletes experience life-changing opportunities to build confidence, forge friendships, connect with their communities, and improve health and well-being through the challenges and triumphs of competition.

Brave in the Attempt: Celebrating 50 years of Special Olympics Oregon is a traveling exhibit that consists of three, three-sided pop-up kiosks that highlight the impact Special Olympics Oregon has on the athletes and the Oregon community.

A special thank you to Special Olympics Oregon and Special Olympics North America for their help and guidance creating this exhibit.

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