Lecture     Series: Experience Oregon

You’re So Vain: Indian-White Relations in the 21st Century

Presented by Kathleen Shaye Hill

The relationship between the Indigenous people of North America and settler-colonists has been conflicted and contorted from the beginning. In spite of the fact that Native nations are legally recognized as one of the three sovereigns in the United States, “white” systems of power have consistently dominated and intruded into the lives of Native people — and continue to do so. This brings up some basic questions, which will be addressed in this presentation: Why have Native people been forced not to be who we were created to be? How have so many Native people adapted but still managed to sustain a distinct tribal identity? How can non-Natives support the inherent right of Native people to be self-determining? The history of the Klamath Tribes will serve as a basis for this discussion.

Event Type: LectureAudience(s): Teachers, Researchers

Kathleen Hill, a Klamath tribal citizen of Modoc, Klamath, and Big Pine Paiute descent, is self-employed as a writer, researcher, consultant, and public speaker. Hill did the archival research and writing for the Klamath Tribes successful restoration of federal recognition effort. After restoration, she was elected to serve in tribal government. Motivated by her tribal experiences, she returned to the University of Washington, completing her B.A., J.D., and LL.M. Hill served as the first EPA Region 10 Tribal Office Director, developing government-to-government relationships with the 267 federally recognized tribes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska before accepting an Assistant Professor position in the Native American Studies Department of Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Kathleen and her husband, Dr. Joseph Dupris, subsequently created EPA’s National Tribal Water Council. Kathleen is a published writer of fiction and nonfiction, including The Si'lailo Wav: Indians, Salmon and Law on the Columbia River, co-authored with Dr. Dupris, and William H. Rodgers, Jr. She served on the 2013–2016 Klamath Tribal Council and is currently serving a second term on the Oregon Institute of Technology Board of Trustees.

Kathy with a young Representative Ron Wyden after one of the first post-Restoration House Appropriations Committee Hearings. Courtesy of Kathleen Hill.

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