Lecture, Online Video     Series: Oregon History 101

Social Movements, Citizenship, and Civil Liberties

One hundred years ago women in Oregon faced many challenges and debated gendered questions that have powerful echoes in our own day. Oregon women shaped powerful reform movements and forged new civic roles including the achievement of the vote, office holding, and jury service for women, public health and civic betterment movements, and labor reforms battling corporate interests, regulating workplaces, and making education more accessible to women. Some Oregon women identified reproductive rights and safety from gender-based violence as key civil liberties at a time when the surveillance state was expanding its reach. Diverse women were active in clubs and associations as an expression of their civic roles and lobbied for legislation and created institutions to benefit women and their communities. Oregon women's activism during this period is a vital part of our state's history and the history of the Progressive Era in the nation. It also reflects issues and challenges Oregonians and Americans address today.

Event Type: Lecture, Online Video

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