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Holiday Cheer

Free and open to the public

Sunday, December 8, 2019
12PM – 4PM

  • Free

Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205
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52nd Annual Celebration of Oregon Authors

For over 50 years, the Oregon Historical Society has celebrated the literary talents of Oregonians at this annual holiday book sale and signing. Meet your favorite author, and take home a personally signed book for the perfect local holiday gift.

All authors who are invited to participate have published in the current year, and many will have multiple books available for sale. Sip on hot cocoa, listen to carols, and get into the spirit of the season as we kick off the holidays at the Oregon Historical Society!

Ability Accommodation Information

This event provides the following accommodations:

  • Handicap Accessible

2019 Participating Authors

Visit our bookshelf on Libib for a full list for participating authors 2019 publications and additional books that authors will have available at the event.

Carl Abbott
  Steve Anderson
  Sheri Anderson
  Les AuCoin
  David Axelrod
  Dawn Babb Prochovnic
  Brooke Barker
  Teresa Bergen
  Joe Biel
  Susan Blackaby
  Kerry Blaisdell
  Janice Bond
  Addie Boswell
  Nathaniel Brodie
  Warren Bull
  Phil  Busse
  Judith Chapman
  Robin Chilstrom
  KC Cowan
  Melissa Darby
  Sean Davis
  Don DuPay
  Warren Easley
  Charles Elder
  Debbie Ethell
  JB Fisher
  Laura O. Foster
  Gerry Frank
  Rachel Frankel
  Boaz Frankel 
  Frederick Gientke
  Wendy Gorton
  Brigette Harrington
  Dana Haynes
  Robert Heilman
  M. L.  Herring
  Donald Horn
  Marcy Houle
  Patrick Huey
  Kim Huey

Mollie Hunt
  Eric Kimmel
  Jessie Kwak
  Genevieve Layman
  Judy Li
  Ronald Lovell
  Peter Marbach
  Pearl Alice Marsh
  Yuki Martin
  Michelle McCann
  Kristina McMorris
  Cory Mimms
  Elizabeth Mitchell
  Dede Montgomery
  Donald Nelson
  David Oates
  Carolyn O'Doherty
  Becky Ohlsen
  JOHN R. Oreskovich
  William Orr
  Mary Pacios
  Margaret Pinard
  Randall Platt
  Meggyn Pomerleau
  Liz Prato
  Lois Ray
  Nicole Rubel
  Elizabeth Rusch
  Kevin Scott
  John Shewey
  Ann Simas
  Arthur Sommers
  Connie Soper
  Susan Stoner
  Michael Strelow
  Scott Stursa
  Glenn Voelz
  William Willingham
  Theresa WIsner

Please note that the 2019 Holiday Cheer event is at capacity and we are no longer accepting author applications. If you are an author who will be publishing a book in 2020, we encourage you to apply when the application period opens up at the end of January 2020. Thank you for your interest in and support of this important literary tradition!

Frequently Asked Questions for Participating Authors

1) Why is there a $25 participation fee and when is it due?

Authors will be notified of their acceptance to the event by November 1, 2019. At this time, the Oregon Historical Society will ask accepted authors to pay a $25 participation fee, which is due by November 22, 2019. The Oregon Historical Society requests this entry fee in order to help the Society subsidize some of the costs incurred in ordering books for this special event. Without having these entry fees as part of the event revenue, the Society would be unable to continue producing this event.

We appreciate the support of all of the authors who participate in Holiday Cheer. As a thank you for your participation and generosity, all authors will receive a one-year family membership to the Oregon Historical Society.

2) Will you carry all three titles that I suggest on my application?

The Oregon Historical Society invites all authors to suggest three titles to have available at Holiday Cheer; however we will likely not be able to order all three titles due to shipping costs. For all participants, OHS will order at minimum their 2019 publication that has made that author eligible to participate in the event, and it will be up to the Museum Store staff’s discretion if suggested titles will be ordered. Authors may have up to three titles available, including the 2019 publication.

3) How are book sales facilitated?

The Oregon Historical Society will handle all book sales through our Museum Store. OHS will carry at minimum the author’s latest title, which will either be ordered directly through the publisher, or will be provided by the author, according to the preference noted on the author’s application.

For authors who have noted on their application that they will provide their own copies for sale at the event, books must be delivered to the Oregon Historical Society in advance (by November 22, 2019), and they will be sold through the Museum Store at the event. In the month following the event, the author will be paid by the Oregon Historical Society for 60% of all retail sales, no exceptions. Please see Question 5 for more details if you would like to provide your own copies for sale at the event.

4) Can I suggest that you carry more than three titles?

OHS limits the number of titles per author to a maximum of three in order to ensure fairness between new authors who are showcasing their first work and those who have a long list of publications. While we would love to have everyone’s books available for sale, fairness and space limitations make a cap of three books per author necessary to make this event successful.

5) What do I need to know if I am planning to provide my own copies of my book(s)?

Authors are welcome to provide copies of their books to sell through the Museum Store at the event. All titles to be sold at the event must be approved in advance by Oregon Historical Society staff. If an author plans to provide copies of their own book, they will need to note this on their application. A W9 must also be submitted with their application in order for OHS to process payment. Authors will then take their books with them at the end of the event (unless other arrangements have been made in advance), and will note the number of copies sold so that OHS can process payment.

Books must be delivered to the Oregon Historical Society by November 22, 2019 in order to provide time for inventory and set up. Books can be delivered by hand, or shipped to the address below:

Oregon Historical Society
Attn: Andrew VanDerZanden – Holiday Cheer
1200 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Authors who choose to provide copies of their book(s) must submit a W9 by November 22, 2019. Completed W9 forms can be dropped off when books are delivered, or mailed to the Oregon Historical Society to the attention of Andrew VanDerZanden.

6) I have noted on my application that I would provide copies of my book for sale at the event – how many copies should I deliver to OHS?

It is always hard to gauge book sales for each author – with 90 authors participating each year, some authors may sell five copies at the event, while others may sell 50! Depending on your own personal inventory, we recommend bringing anywhere from 15-30 copies to make available for sale.

Of course, if you have sold more than 30 copies at a previous event, or would just like to be on the safe side, you are more than welcome to bring additional – just don’t forget that all books must be delivered to the Oregon Historical Society by November 22, 2019 to allow OHS staff the time to inventory and set up the event.

7) I am an Oregon author, but my book is not about history – can I still participate?

Absolutely! We have authors of all genres represented at Holiday Cheer, from cookbooks to children’s books to guidebooks and more!

Do you have additional questions that are not listed here?

Please contact Andrew VanDerZanden at Andrew.VanDerZanden@ohs.org.