Grade 3

The Portland Traveling Trunk is organized around three themes that emphasize community participation and highlight the ways that a community changes and grows over time. The three themes are:

  • Getting Around in Our Community—Bridges
  • Keeping Our Community Safe—Firefighting, and
  • Celebrating Our Community—The 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition.

The Portland Traveling Trunk includes topic‐specific artifacts, primary source documents, a slide show, and three lesson plans.

Trunk contents include:

  • Instructions and strategies for using the Portland Traveling Trunk in the classroom.
  • A list of Portland Traveling Trunk content and topics relevant to Oregon Department of Education State Standards.
  • Bibliography and Webliography of Multnomah County Materials on Portland: History, Buildings, Bridges, and Neighborhoods.
  • The Portland: Historical Narrative for Teachers gives teachers helpful context to bring to life the three themes of Getting Around in Our Community (bridges); Keeping Our Community Safe (firefighting); and Celebrating Our Community (1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition).
  • The Portland: Historical Narrative for Students is a one‐page summary of the key messages for each theme that can be copied and passed out to students.
  • Hands‐on trunk objects available for students to handle in a supervised setting and a corresponding document called Portland: Description of Objects and Images provides teachers with background information on each object and image.
  • Artifacts and replicas include: Bridges: bridge rivets, cable, Port Orford cedar cable plank, bridge deck corps sample, nelson stud, St. Johns Bridge hand hold spoke; Firefighting: firefighter's helmet, Lindgren Chemical Fire Engines advertisement, A. G. Long Fire Apparatus and Water Works Supplies advertisement, hose section; Lewis and Clark Exposition: fair admission ticket, Portland Day admission ticket, souvenir postcards, souvenir Lewis and Clark Exposition spoon, official Lewis and Clark Exposition medallion, brochure: Princess Trixie and her Trained Elks, school work samples, poster: Birds‐eye View of the Fairgrounds.
  • A Slide Program that offers students historical images affiliated with the three themes. Students see examples of the three types of moveable bridges in Portland, learn about the ways firefighting in Portland has changed with time, and learn just how big, and just how fun the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition was. The Portland: Slide Narrative can be read directly to students during the slide program, or can be simply used to augment your own stories. A list of questions included at the end of the narrative can be used to facilitate class discussion.
  • Three lesson plans that relate to the three themes in the Portland Traveling Trunk.

The lesson plan, Seeing How a City Grows , allows students to compare and analyze data (maps) in order to see how and why Portland has grown in the nineteenth century, while understanding how peoples' lives are affected by the physical environment.

The lesson plan, Volunteering to Make the City Better , uses hands‐on objects and slides to help students understand how volunteers make their communities better places. At the end of the lesson students identify the ways people can participate/volunteer in their communities.

The lesson plan, Telling Others What You Have Learned: The 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition , uses objects and slides to help students understand the reasons for the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition and what it was like to attend the fair. At the end of the lesson students will create work samples similar to those created by Oregon school children one hundred years ago.

  • Additional resources in the trunk for teachers include Carl Abbott's book about the 1905 World's Fair, The Great Extravaganza, Sharon Wood‐Wortman's The Portland Bridge Book, and a photocopy from Portland's Bureau of Fire and Rescue's website summarizing the history of firefighting in Portland.

Download a description of the Portland Traveling Trunk (PDF)

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