Oregon Is Indian Country

Grades 4 and up

The Oregon Is Indian Country Traveling Trunk helps teachers share with students the history and culture of the Nine Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon in a hands‐on, interactive way. The trunk includes information, artifacts and activities that help students better understand the connection of the nine tribes to the Land, the impact of Federal Indian Policies in the past and today, and the integral role traditional arts play in tribal culture.

Trunk contents include:

  • Instructions and strategies for using the Oregon Is Indian Country Traveling Trunk in the classroom.
  • A list of Oregon Department of Education State Standards related to content and topics presented in the Oregon Is Indian Country Traveling Trunk.
  • A chart of tribal enrollment and a map showing the Nine Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon.
  • Recommended resources for students and teachers on Native American history and culture.
  • Numerous hands‐on trunk objects are available for students to handle in a supervised setting. A corresponding document called Stories of the Traditional Arts provides teachers with background information on each object and how it relates to its respective tribe's culture. Each printed object story also includes a brief biography of the artist.
  • 3 CDs which include live recordings of pow-wow songs, traditional music, and recordings of Native American stories.
  • Magazines and newspaper clippings providing information on contemporary tribal culture, issues, and life.
  • Eight fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Instructions for creating a student-made weaving project.
  • A Teachers Binder with four lesson plans designed to enhance the use of the elements included in the trunk. Each lesson can be scaffolded in order to be appropriate for students in grades 4-8.

Download a description of the Oregon Is Indian Country Traveling Trunk (PDF)

Download the Student Magazine (PDF)

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