Traveling Trunk Program

Bring History Into the Classroom

Traveling Trunks can be rented for one or more weeks from Sunday to Saturday by schools and other educational institutions. Each trunk contains hands-on objects, maps, artifacts, primary source documents, and lesson plans. The trunks provide an exciting exploration into various parts of history and locations throughout Oregon.

Cost, pick-up and shipping information is available here.

The traveling trunk program is on pause until further notice.

If you would like to schedule a rental, please fill out and return the Traveling Trunk Request Form. If you would like to reserve a trunk by phone, have additional questions or would like to view any of the Traveling Trunks' lesson plans or content, please contact OHS Museum Education at or 503.306.5279.

To learn more about each of the Traveling Trunks, click the links below:

Chinese Traditions of Oregon

The Chinese Traditions of Oregon Traveling Trunk helps teachers share with students the history and culture of Chinese Americans in a hands‐on,...

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Coastal Tribes Native American

Touch and study the rich collection of objects provided by members of the Coastal Tribes of Oregon. Besides over thirty objects, this trunk...

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Eastern Oregon

The Eastern Oregon trunk was designed to be a teacher-ready trunk that explores contemporary issues and industries of Eastern Oregon. The trunk...

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Geography in Oregon

Background information is included along with lesson plans, objects and maps all related to Oregon’s geography. This educational tool explores...

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Great Basin Native American

Explore and touch objects to learn about the history and culture of the Northern Paiute Indians in a hands-on, interactive way! The trunk...

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Lewis and Clark

Explore and touch replicated Expedition objects to learn about the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Corps of Discovery’s...

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Mexican American Traditional Arts & Culture

Learn about Oregon's diverse cultural landscape from one of the three Folklife traveling trunks. This trunk looks at history, foods, crafts,...

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Oregon Is Indian Country

This Traveling Trunk is a large, rolling suitcase filled with Native American-made examples of crafts; CDs, magazines, books, and DVDs about...

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Oregon Trail

Examine replicas of Oregon Trail diaries and handle objects brought over on the Oregon Trail! The Oregon Trail Traveling Trunk describes life on...

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Discover how Portland has changed and grown in the last one hundred years and how community participation builds a city! Through hands-on...

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Traditional Arts of the Oregon Country

Learn about Oregon's diverse cultural landscape from one of the three Folklife traveling trunks. This trunk includes self-contained instructional

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Rental Information

Cost, pick-up and shipping information for renting traveling trunks.

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Traveling Trunk Request Form

To reserve a Traveling Trunk, please complete and submit the following form at least 2 weeks prior to your requested pickup date.

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