Geography in Oregon

Grades 3 and 4

The Geography in Oregon Traveling Trunk provides teachers educational tools that engage students with hands-on activities using maps, photos of Oregon’s diverse geographical regions, and information about the Tsunamis.

Trunk contents include:

  • Background information about Oregon's geography.
  • Three lesson plans designed to enhance the use of the elements included in the trunk:

The lesson entitled Oregon Map Quest offers the opportunity to compare a lodestone compass to a pocket compass and includes a game that requires maps to find answers to various questions.

The Oregon Regions creates an educational experience using multiple types of maps to identify the physical and political characteristics of places in Oregon.

In the lesson Tsunamis , students will analyze the cause of earthquakes and tsunamis and their affect on the people who live and have lived in Oregon.

  • A list of additional resources for teachers is provided plus a copy of the book, Oregon Geographical Names .
  • Hands-on objects used in the lesson plans consist of a lodestone to recreate compass used in ancient times, a contemporary magnetic pocket compass, a relief map of Oregon, a map depicting Oregon's agricultural regions, a map of Oregon's Historic Trails, a thunder egg, a sample of petrified wood and a DVD entitled Cascadia Earthquakes .

Download a description of the Geography in Oregon Traveling Trunk (PDF)

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