Eastern Oregon

Grades 4 and 8

The Eastern Oregon trunk helps teachers share with students the history, culture, and relevant contemporary issues related to the Eastern Oregon region in a hands-on interactive way. Tangible objects in the trunk focus on cowboy gear and wool production.

Trunk contents include:

  • A Teacher Binder with lesson plans for 4th and 8th grades. Topics include dams, wool production, environmental issues, agriculture, immigrant and migrant workers, Pendleton Round-up, and cowboy culture.
  • A list of Oregon Department of Education State Standards related to content and topics presented in the Eastern Oregon Trunk for both 4th and 8th grades.
  • Numerous hands‐on trunk objects are available for students to handle in a supervised setting. Objects include Pendleton blanket scraps, a Stetson cowboy hat, a horse bridle, and many others.
  • 3 DVDs that cover the wool industry, Pendleton Round-up, and the movie, The Lorax which incorporates the lessons on environmentalism
  • 6 books (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • 5 different maps including tribal lands and boundaries, agriculture throughout Oregon, and dams in the Columbia River basin
  • Several laminated photograph sand images of traditional life and cowboy culture in Eastern Oregon

Download a description of the Eastern Oregon Traveling Trunk (PDF)

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