Coastal Tribes Native American

Grades 3 - 12

The Coastal Tribes Native American Traveling Trunk helps teachers share with students the history and culture of the Coastal Indians in a hands‐on, interactive way!

The Coastal Tribes Native American Traveling Trunk includes artifacts, photographs, maps and lesson plans.

Trunk contents include:

  • Instructions and strategies for using the Coastal Tribes Native American Traveling Trunk in the classroom.
  • A list of Oregon Department of Education State Standards related to content and topics presented in the Coastal Tribes Native American Traveling Trunk.
  • Recommended resources for students and teachers on Native American history and culture.
  • Hands‐on trunk objects available for students to handle in a supervised setting and a corresponding activity worksheet focused on developing student observation skills.
  • Photographs portray contemporary Coastal Tribal life.
  • Three lesson plans have been included in the Lesson Plans section of the binder. They have been designed to enhance the use of the elements included in the trunk and to be relevant to Oregon Department of Education standards.

The lesson plan, Native Americans of the Coast, Social Geography , offers several options for introducing the students to the specific geographical features that help shape the development of the Coastal Tribes. Using a timeline, the students will discover how the history of the Coastal Tribes relates to other world cultures.

The lesson plan, Learn Chinook! offers the opportunity for students to discover the evolution of Chinook language, its relationship to trade and geography and finally, to actually practice using this unique language.

The lesson plan, Looking at Resources and Trade , utilizes the large inventory of hands-on objects to teach about the natural resources available to the Coastal Tribes which were also used for trade. The Tool Analysis Worksheet guides and records student observations. Two writing prompts are also included.

Download a description of the Coastal Tribes Traveling Trunk (PDF)

If you would like to schedule a rental, please fill out and return the Traveling Trunk Request Form. If you would like to reserve a trunk by phone, have additional questions or would like to view any of the Traveling Trunks' lesson plans or content, please contact OHS Museum Education at or 503.306.5279.