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Oregon History Day, an affiliate of the National History Day® program, is a transformative and inspirational program for students and teachers. Learn more about how to bring this powerful program to the classroom as well as how Oregon History Day supports the Oregon State Standards.

Oregon History Day Basics

Oregon History Day is a half-year or full-year project-based curriculum for middle and high school students, in which students research a topic of their choosing based on an annual theme to create an exhibit, website, performance, documentary, or paper. Students may work individually or in groups of up to five students, with the exception of the paper category, which is individual only.

The flexible curriculum format and the project rubrics allow students to take charge of their learning, from topic selection to individualized historical research using primary and secondary resources. Students wrestle with thesis development and revision based on their ongoing research as well as learn to write process papers and annotated bibliographies.

Oregon History Day supports the Oregon State Standards in numerous subjects, including social sciences. Educators can use this program to support specific learning goals, such as ethnic studies, Oregon tribal history, and Holocaust and genocide awareness. Oregon History Day has a logical sequence that educators can teach in steps, both in the classroom and online. Teachers can easily modify the program to support all learning levels. National History Day® is proven to improve academic performance, reading proficiency, and historical literacy; review the national program evaluation for more details.

The majority of students participate at the school level only, and individual schools may hold in-school presentations or contests. All students who create a project in 2022 are invited to attend the state contest. The Oregon Historical Society organizes the state contest, which has been virtual for the past two years and will be virtual, again, for the 2022 Oregon History Day state contest. At the state contest, a panel of three volunteer judges will evaluate and rank students’ projects, and students will receive three sets of feedback on their projects. There will be NO student interviewing for this year’s contest. Students are encouraged to use the judges’ and their coaches’ feedback to revise their projects if they are competing at the national contest as well as for ongoing learning.

Students who finish in first and second place at the state contest and meet the project criteria are eligible to participate in the National History Day® contest, which will take place in a virtual format in mid-June. Students will receive feedback from the national judges and participate in activities and events, including the Welcome Ceremony and Awards Ceremony.

If you are planning to incorporate Oregon History Day in the classroom or are interested in learning more, please contact the Oregon History Day Coordinator at to be included in the state list of participants and receive the necessary program information. Please also contact the coordinator with any teacher and student questions, to schedule an individual or group mentoring virtual visit, or to arrange a virtual program presentation at your school or district for teachers and administrators.

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