Tom McCall: A Better Oregon

Service-Learning Curriculum and Resources for Teachers

We who are privileged to be in these chambers today can view the challenges we face as opportunities, not as reasons for despair. We can do this only if we blend our independent spirits in terms of reverence for life and respect for nature. Each of you might suggest different words, but our goal certainly is the same: a better Oregon.
—Inaugural message to the Oregon Legislature 1971

Written and developed by Marilyn D. Walster. Funded by the Citizens for the Memorial of Tom McCall Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.


Tom McCall: A Better Oregon is a multi-disciplinary, service-learning curriculum focused on Governor Tom McCall's legacy to Oregon citizens. By learning about Tom McCall, students will gain knowledge, skills and commitment to act boldly and responsibly in civic matters. The curriculum is designed to involve young people in decisions and actions that will create "A Better Oregon".

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Study Units

Three study units which include state and national standards, classroom resources/activities, and service-learning ideas.

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Lesson Plans

Governor Tom McCall left an indelible mark on Oregonians. We go to other states and shake our heads at the soft drink bottles and cans that get...

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Memorable and significant quotes from Tom McCall.

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Policies Guide

Oregon is famous nationally and internationally for the public policy decisions made during Governor Tom McCall’s tenure. Below is a list of terms that will help students...

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Additional resources about Tom McCall, including links to Tom McCall bibliographies, service-learning support and additional enrichment...

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