Racing to Change Curriculum

Curriculum is available to support the Oregon Black Pioneer’s exhibition Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years. Originally on display at the Oregon Historical Society from January through June 2018, Racing to Change is now available as a virtual exhibit through Visiting Media’s True Tour™ technology. Educator resources are available for grades 3–5 and 9–12, and include both pre- and post-visit lesson plans and tour activities. The curriculum guides student exploration of the exhibit as well as inspires individual and group reflection on how racist attitudes, policies of exclusion, and the destruction of Black-owned neighborhoods shaped Oregon, while also highlighting the unceasing efforts of the Black community to overcome these obstacles.

Resources for Educators and Students

Educators can combine hands-on learning with class discussion on the civil rights era in Oregon by using the exhibit’s educator resources for grades 3–5 and 6–12. OHS also recommends exploring and using the curriculum “Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs: The Black History of Portland, Oregon,” developed by Sarah Anderson and Lisa Colombo, both staff members of the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science in Portland.

Grades 3 – 5

Grades 6 – 12

About the Oregon Black Pioneers

The Oregon Black Pioneers (OBP) is the state’s premier Black heritage organization dedicated to illuminating African Americans’ contributions to Oregon’s history through research, publications, exhibits, and community outreach. Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years directly builds on three highly successful exhibit collaborations with the Oregon Historical Society and reflects OBP’s increasing capacity to create meaningful opportunities for community dialogue and learning.

Oregon Black Pioneers