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Elementary School Lesson Plan in Anthropology

Fort Nez Perce
Fort Nez Perce | OrHi 964
To identify and understand Native American groups and cultures living in Oregon before Euro American contact and to understand how those groups were removed to reservations.

Students will:
  • Use maps, readings and classroom discussions to gain information about the cultures and regions of Oregon’s Native American peoples.
  • Identify the materials (natural resources) some Native Americans used to build their dwellings.
  • Learn how some of Oregon’s Native Americans obtained and prepared food.
  • Compare and contrast the ways in which some early Native American cultures lived and how those cultures live today.
Standards Met:
Geography Skills:
  • Understand how human activities are affected by the physical environment.
U.S. History:
  • Identify and understand the groups living in the Western Hemisphere before European exploration, their way of life, and the empires they developed.
  • Understand the impact of early European exploration on Native Americans and the land.
State and Local History:
  • Understand and interpret events, issues, and developments in Oregon history.
  • Identify significant people in the history of Oregon.
  • Understand the contributions of various people and cultures that have lived in the area that is now Oregon.
Social Science Analysis:
  • Gather, use and evaluate researched information to support analysis and conclusions.
Materials/Resources Needed:
Lesson Description:
Introduce topic, photographs and images of Native Americans in Oregon by dividing class into small groups to brainstorm responses to the following:
  • Consider the lives of Oregon Coast tribes in 1750. What materials did they use to build their dwellings? Where and how did they get their food? What tools did they need to: build dwellings? gather food? make clothing?
  • Allow class time (may take 2 or more lessons) to respond as a group.
  • Chart responses
  • Using a map of Oregon, show students areas where Native American Cultures lived.
  • Using suggested documents develop teacher “mini-talks” and questions for small group discussion that support lesson objectives.
Allow students to demonstrate their understanding by having them:
  • Create pictures of living conditions.
  • Draw maps showing areas populated by Native Americans, location of available natural resources, etc.
  • Write a letter to an eighteenth century Native American child of a particular tribe, asking questions based on what they have learned from this lesson plan.