Donate to Collections

Making a Donation

Thanks to the generosity of the people of Oregon as well as people outside the state, the Oregon Historical Society Research Library has been able to build a large and important collection of papers, books, photographs, maps, audio recordings, films, and other historical materials.

We are grateful to you for donating these valuable materials to us, and we look forward to working with you in our continuing efforts to document the history of the Oregon Country. If you would like to discuss a donation with us, please contact the research library at or (503) 306-5240.

Please contact the research library before bringing materials to the Historical Society building, since we would like get some idea about what you have and whether it will be possible for us to acquire the materials. For more information regarding materials donation, please click the links below to see our two donation guides and collections policy:

Thank you helping us build the collections of the Oregon Historical Society.

Personal Collection Care

Do you have your own collection of historic artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, books, or films? The Oregon Historical Society has some hints for preserving these items, including: