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Books About Oregon Wine

In conjunction with Clink! A Taste of Oregon Wine the Museum Store is featuring many books that explore the culture of Oregon’s vibrant vintners.


Voodoo Vintners cover

Voodoo Vintners: Oregon’s Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers 

Katherine Cole

$18.95 regular price, $17.05 member price

How is it that some of the purest pinot noirs with the truest translations of terroir come from Oregon? According to wine columnist Katherine Cole the answer may lie in the biodynamic practices of Oregon’s vintners that go beyond organic and even embrace a certain spirituality. Signed copies of Voodoo Vintners are available along with autographed copies of Ms. Cole’s Complete Wine Selector: How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time ($24.95 regular price, $22.45 member price). Both titles are informing and entertaining.



Winemakers of the Willamette Valley cover

Winemakers of the Willamette Valley: Pioneering Vintners from Oregon’s Wine Country

Vivian Perry and John Vincent

$19.99 regular price, $17.99 member price


The Willamette Valley’s acclaimed wine is not just the result of favorable soil, climate, and sun it is also the product of the colorful, dedicated, and talented winemakers. This book offers insightful and engaging personal portraits of eighteen winemakers whose experience, knowledge, and passion produce some of the very best wines.







Vintner's Kitchen cover

The Vintner’s Kitchen: Celebrating the Wines of Oregon

William King 

Photography by Rick Schafer

$29.95 original price, $5.00 sale price

Outstanding Oregon wine deserves to be paired with great Oregon cuisine and vice versa. This cookbook shares some of celebrated Chef William King’s tantalizing recipes and those from acclaimed culinary institutions and wineries from around the state along with the perfect local wines to compliment them. Rick Schafer gorgeously captures the finished pieces with his masterful photography.




The Grail cover

The Grail: A Year Ambling & Shambling Through an Oregon Vineyard in Pursuit of the Best Pinot Noir Wine in the Whole Wide World

Brian Doyle

$18.95 regular price, $17.05 member price

Brian Doyle spent a year collecting compelling and engrossing stories at Lange Winery of Dundee that encapsulate "the sheer labor of it, the creativity, the dust, the bugs, the machinery, the botany, the chemistry, the wild nuttiness of trying to make a great wine." Liberally sprinkled throughout the book are the wit and wisdom of young winemaker Jesse Lange who serves as Doyle’s guide to the creation and consumption of the temperamental and fussy pinot noir grapes of great reknown.


Books on Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and Oregon

Among the myriad of books about the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln are several titles that address Oregon’s role in the nation’s history at this crucial time. What follows are some books that can serve as companions to 2 Years 1 Month: Lincoln’s Legacy.



Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era

Richard Etulain

$19.95 regular price, $17.95 member price


Although Abraham Lincoln never set foot in Oregon he had numerous and substantial connections to its politics and people. Indian relations, military policies, and the North-South ideological conflict are but a few examples of the issues that influenced both Oregon politics and the policies of the sixteenth president. Limited quantities of copies signed by the author are available for purchase.








Hidden History of Civil War Oregon

Randol B. Fletcher

$19.99 regular price, $17.99 member price


This collection of Civil War tales demonstrate that Oregonians were not passive spectators as some may have suggested. Oregonians were actively involved in the conflict from the battlefield death of Senator Edward Baker to the more than ten thousand veterans that settled in the state afterwards.












The Cape Forts: Guardians of the Columbia

Marshall Hanft
$12.00 regular price, $3.00 sale price


With outbreak of the Civil War the need to defend the Columbia River from infiltration by enemy agents became acute. In response the fortifications that would become Fort Stevens, Fort Columbia, and Fort Canby were constructed to deter any hostile intentions. In addition to their construction Hanft describes modifications made to these defenders of the Columbia in the subsequent years.





Inspired by: Working on the River: A History of Dredging



Portland’s Maritime History

Rebecca Harrison and Daniel Cowan

$21.99 regular price, $19.79 member price


Portland is not only the site of numerous marine terminals along the Willamette and Columbia Rivers but also home to much of our American maritime history. Portland shipbuilding starting in 1840 with construction of the schooner Star of Oregon. Over 100 years later, three Portland shipyards would build 621 ships for the war effort. Both before and after World War II, several steel and iron companies used the harbors in Portland for their manufacturing. Aside from production, Portland ships over 13 million tons of cargo every year and is the biggest shipper of wheat in the United States. The city displays this maritime history along its beautiful rivers.


Oregon Historical Quarterly


About OHQ

The Oregon Historical Quarterly, a peer-reviewed, public history journal, has been published continuously since 1900 by the Oregon Historical Society, an independent, nonprofit organization. OHQ brings well-researched, well-written history about Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to both scholars and a general audience. With a circulation of around 4,500, OHQ is one of the largest state historical society journals in the United States and is a recognized and respected source for the history of the Pacific Northwest region.


OHQ Summer 2014

Current Issue

Summer 2014, 115:2


In conjunction with 2 Years, 1 Month: Lincoln's Legacy, you can download and read the first two articles in this issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly for free! Just click on their titles below.


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Oregon's Civil War: The Troubled Legacy of Emancipation in the Pacific Northwest

by Stacey L. Smith


The Allure of Lincoln: Using Material Culture to Complicate Shared Memories

by Brian J. Carter with Amy E. Platt


Extant Outdoor Garments in Oregon, 1880 to 1920: Historic Research Using Objects from Oregon's Historical Institutions

by Jennifer M. Mower and Elaine L. Pedersen


Printers and Press Operators: The Oregonian Remembered

by Harry H. Stein


A Tribute: Thomas Vaughan (October 13, 1924 — December 6, 2013)


History from Below: Connecting Rural Oregon to Its Social Movement History

by Sarah K. Loose 


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