Indexes are no longer available for purchase for every issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly except volume II 41-61. To order, contact the Museum Store at 503.306.5230 or

OHQ vols. 1-40, 1900-1939. 838 pp. $20.00 paper. (not available)
OHQ vols. 41-61, 1940-1960. 712 pp. $20.00 paper.
OHQ vols. 62-81, 1961-1980. 700 pp. $20.00 paper. (not available)
OHQ vols. 82-115, 1981-2014. 389 pp. $30.00 paper. (available online)


The index for vols. 82-115, 1981-2014, and individual indices for all subsequent volumes, is available online. download index (PDF)

Table of Contents

A complete, chronological listing of OHQ contents (1900-present), is available. download table of contents (PDF)

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