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Because of financial considerations, the Board of Directors of the Oregon Historical Society has suspended the operations of the Oregon Historical Society Press. The Oregon Historical Quarterly continues to be published by the Oregon Historical Society; see for more information. The editors are grateful to the authors who have honored the Society by selecting the OHS Press as their publisher and to the thousands of people who have supported the work of the Press by reading and reviewing the many books we have published over the years.


All OHS Press books that are in print are available through the Society's Museum Store, and individuals can purchase books by calling 503-306-5230 or by e-mail at

All trade orders (bookstores, wholesalers, distributors, etc) should be directed to the University of Washington Press

A printable list of OHS Press books in print and an order form are available (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat).

A printable list of the Ivan Collins plans for horse-drawn vehicles, with an order form, is available (PDF- requires Adobe Acrobat). Plans can be purchased directly from the Society's Museum Store, by calling 503-306-5230, or by email at

The Oregon Historical Quarterly will continue as the journal of record for Oregon history. Visit the OHQ web page for information about the latest issue of the journal and for information on manuscript submissions, subscriptions, the Index, and purchasing the current and past issues.

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