The Painting of Personalities: The Iconic Hilton Hotel Watercolor Mural by Bill Papas

Hilton Hotel Watercolor Mural by Bill Papas

March 15 – April 15, 2018

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Oregon Historical Society
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From 1995 to 2014, the customers dining in the Bistro 921 of the Portland Hilton were overseen by this 8 ½ foot by 4 ½ foot watercolor mural featuring fifty-four iconic Portland personalities. When the hotel was remodeled, the Hilton donated the painting to the Oregon Historical Society.

Originally commissioned by Serge D'Rovencourt, then General Manager of the Portland Hilton, the painting was the work of the late Bill Papas, who first gained fame as a political cartoonist for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and Punch Magazine in London. In 2017, Serge D'Rovencourt passed away at the age of 89, preceded by Bill Papas who died in 2000 from a flying accident. Both men were born in Europe, witnessing firsthand the political and economic turmoil that shook the region. Later in life, their talents and professional careers took them around the world until they crossed paths in Portland.

Featuring the likenesses of individuals such as Mark and Antoinette Hatfield, Phil Knight, Gert Boyle, and Vera Katz, the painting was a favorite of Portlanders who loved to discover how many people they could identify.

List of individuals depicted in the painting (PDF)

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