Shaping the Future
Oregon has repeatedly led the nation in creating, revising, and implementing laws shaping the quality of life of its citizens. While Oregon’s innovations have evoked controversy, they have charted the course for other states and nations.


The 16 panels in this traveling exhibit highlight groundbreaking legislation that Oregon has passed since Statehood either by Politician, Legislative Action, or Public Initiative.


Arranged chronologically, the window panels present legislation that focuses on environmental, social, and land use issues. 

Hosting the Exhibit
The exhibit is available for rental and interested parties may choose to borrow all of the panels or a selection. If you would like more information about borrowing this fascinating exhibit, including date options and estimated costs, please call 503-222-1741.
Explore the Exhibit

The panels are free-standing tabletop displays or wall-mounted. View the window panels by clicking the thumbnails below:

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Exhibit Content Developers


Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham



Erica Stevenson Boyne

Jessie McClendon

Amanda Tillstrom


Sponsored By:

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation

The Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

The Ford Family Foundation

Exhibitor Resource Links

Oregon Department of Forestry offers limited resources but is committed to helping spread the word about fire prevention, forest health and the history of Oregon’s forests.

Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation provides personnel and programs with slides and hands-on materials related to forests.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality website includes information on recycling and the history of the DEQ.

Bureau of Land Management, Oregon/Washington provides a history of land management including tribal land management.

U.S. Forest Service offers a kids activity page: that features ideas for “Backyard Conservation,” “Gardening,” and “NatureWatch” among others.

Smokey the Bear has a website and resources including a K-2 Teacher’s Guide and a Smokey Bear Activity Book.

Encourage kids to bicycle safely while having fun by staging a Bike Rodeo:

Lead a student activity, chosen from a list of ideas

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