Oregon My Oregon
Plastics Unwrapped
October 14, 2014 – January 1, 2015

Only 50 years ago, we hardly used plastics. How did they go from being rare to being everywhere? Plastics Unwrapped, explores how material culture was changed―rapidly and perhaps permanently―by plastics. Learn what life was like before plastics, how they are made, why they are so convenient to use, and what happens after we throw them away. Explore how this ?material of the future? has impacted our daily lives, as well as the long term impacts that plastics have on our environment. Plastics Unwrapped is a traveling exhibit organized by the Burke Museum, University of Washington, and the national tour is sponsored by Boeing and the University of Washington.

Worth/Worthless: Valuing Our Collections
August 13 – November 8, 2014

We tear down elegant buildings and replace them with parking lots. We see daubs of pigment sell for millions, and lovely landscape paintings go for ten dollars at yard sales. And a pair of dilapidated sandals from a famous movie star may be worth far more than the entire contents of a shoe store. These notions of value often seem arbitrary and silly, but they have a profound influence on our views of the world and its objects.

Working on the River: A History of Dredging
May 1 – December 14, 2014

Come navigate a part of Portland’s history in the original exhibit Working on the River: A History of Dredging. Through this exhibition, discover the men, women, and machines that have shaped our region’s geography, trade routes, economic vitality, and history. In commemoration of the Port of Portland vessel, Dredge Oregon, and its recent upgrades, this exhibit highlights the role of dredges like the Oregon in maintaining the Willamette and Columbia River navigation channels for maritime trade.

Oregon: 150 Years of Statehood; 150 Million Years in the Making
The windows in this exhibit illustrate how geology crafted Oregon's landscape and natural resources and continues to shape the land and lives of its citizens.
Oregon My Oregon
Winner of a 2005 MUSE Award, Oregon My Oregon features the most important pieces from the Society's collection of artifacts.
Oregon Voices: Change and Challenge in Modern Oregon History
With Oregon Voices, a new permanent exhibit, the Oregon History Museum combines the technology of today with stories from the past. This interactive exhibit gives visitors a chance to explore the issues and events that shaped Oregon from 1950 forward.