Oregon My Oregon
2 Years, 1 Month: Lincoln's Legacy
April 12 – July 4, 2014

This original exhibit takes an in-depth look at Lincoln’s monumental presidency between two historic points: the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Congressional passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Through rare documents, artifacts, and cutting edge interactive elements, 2 Years, 1 Month will look at Lincoln’s legacy through the lens of slavery and the end of the Civil War. A portion of the exhibit will also explore how Oregonians experienced this critical time in our nation’s history.

The Tintype Portrait
April 1 – June 30, 2014

Of all photographic genres, the tintype is the most American. Curated by Jennifer Strayer, this exhibit features a diverse selection of tintypes from the OHS Library holdings, presenting a variety subjects, picture sizes, and presentation formats.

100 Faces of Change: The History of Workers' Compensation in Oregon
March 29 - June 22, 2014

Until you, or someone you love, has a workplace injury, you probably never think twice-or even once-about the system that makes sure injured workers are taken care of, and prevents the rest from getting hurt in the first place. That system, called "workers' compensation," is 100 years old this year. Join us as we explore the "100 Faces of Change," a look at the 100 fascinating people, institutions, and events that influenced that system over the course of the century. People like Steve Gass, who invented a saw that stops when a finger is near the blade. Or Fern Hobbs, the petite insurance commissioner who tamed the raucous frontier town of Copperfield. Or the very young, very talented safety video director Austin Coburn. Or any of the 97 others.

The Battleship Oregon
Exhibit Closes on April 21, 2014

Learn about the Oregon's important role in the Spanish-American War.

Oregon: 150 Years of Statehood; 150 Million Years in the Making
The windows in this exhibit illustrate how geology crafted Oregon's landscape and natural resources and continues to shape the land and lives of its citizens.
Oregon My Oregon
Winner of a 2005 MUSE Award, Oregon My Oregon features the most important pieces from the Society's collection of artifacts.
Oregon Art
The Northwest Art Gallery is a permanent rotating exhibit drawn from the collections of OHS and private lenders.
Oregon Voices: Change and Challenge in Modern Oregon History
With Oregon Voices, a new permanent exhibit, the Oregon History Museum combines the technology of today with stories from the past. This interactive exhibit gives visitors a chance to explore the issues and events that shaped Oregon from 1950 forward.