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Holiday Cheer

Free and open to the public
Sunday, December 4, 2016
12PM – 4PM

Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205
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49th Annual Celebration of Oregon Authors

For nearly 50 years, the Oregon Historical Society has celebrated the literary talents of Oregonians at this annual holiday book sale and signing. Meet your favorite author, and take home a personally signed book for the perfect local holiday gift.

All authors who are invited to participate have published in the current year, and many will have multiple books available for sale. Sip on hot cocoa, listen to carols, and get into the spirit of the season as we kick off the holidays at the Oregon Historical Society!

2016 Application Now Available!

If you are an Oregon author who has published a new book in 2016, please join us for Holiday Cheer!

Download 2016 Holiday Cheer Application

Apply Online

The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 14, 2016 at 5pm.

Authors will be notified by November 1, 2016 of the status of their application. Please apply online, email, or mail your completed application to the Oregon Historical Society prior to the posted deadline.

Email: Rachel.Randles@ohs.org

Rachel Randles
Oregon Historical Society
Holiday Cheer Author Submission
1200 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Please note: Due to space limitations, we are unable to accept all applicants for this event. We do our very best to have a wide range of genres and subject matters present, and work to accommodate as many authors as possible.

Ability Accommodation Information

This event provides the following accommodations:

  • Handicap Accessible

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why is there a $25 entry fee and when is it due?

Authors will be notified of their acceptance to the event on November 1, 2016. At this time, authors will be asked to pay a $25 entry fee, which is due by November 18, 2016. The Oregon Historical Society requests this entry fee in order to help the Society subsidize some of the costs incurred in ordering books for this special event. Without having these entry fees as part of the event revenue, the Society would be unable to continue producing this event.

We appreciate the support of all of the authors who participate in Holiday Cheer. As a thank you for your participation and generosity, all authors will receive a one-year family membership to the Oregon Historical Society. 

2) Will you carry all three titles that are recommended on my application?

The Oregon Historical Society invites all authors to suggest three titles to have available at Holiday Cheer; however we will likely not be able to order all three titles due to shipping costs. For all participants, OHS will order at minimum their 2016 publication that has made that author eligible to participate in the event, and it will be up to the Museum Store staff's discretion if they will order any older titles. Authors may have up to three titles available, including the 2016 publication.

3) How are book sales facilitated?

The Oregon Historical Society will handle all book sales through our Museum Store. OHS will carry at minimum the author's latest title, which will be ordered directly through the publisher.

Authors also have the option to provide their own copies of books for sale at the event. These would be delivered to the Oregon Historical Society in advance (by November 29, 2016), sold through the Museum Store at the event, and then the author will be paid by the Oregon Historical Society for 60% of all retail sales, no exceptions. Please see Question 5 for more details if you would like to provide your own copies for sale at the event.

4) Can I suggest that you carry more than three titles?

OHS limits the number of titles per author to a maximum of three in order to ensure fairness between new authors who are showcasing their first work, and those who have a long list of publications. While we would love to have everyone's books available for sale, fairness and space limitations make a limit of three books per author necessary to make this event successful.

5) What do I need to know if I am planning to provide my own copies of my book(s)?

Authors are welcome to provide copies of their books to sell through the Museum Store at the event. All titles to be sold at the event must be approved in advance by Oregon Historical Society staff. If an author plans to provide copies of their own book, they will need to note this on their application. A W9 must also be submitted with their application in order for OHS to process payment. Authors will then take their books with them at the end of the event (unless other arrangements have been made in advance), and will note the number of copies sold so that OHS can process payment by year end.

Books must be delivered to the Oregon Historical Society by November 29, 2016 in order to provide time for inventory and set up.

Download Blank W9 Form

Authors who choose to provide copies of their book(s) must submit a W9 by November 29, 2016. Completed W9 forms can be dropped off when books are delivered, or mailed to Rachel Randles.

6) I am an Oregon author, but my book is not about history – can I still participate?

Absolutely! We have authors of all genres represented at Holiday Cheer, from cookbooks to children's books to guidebooks and more!

Do you have additional questions that are not listed here?

Please contact Rachel Randles, Communications and Marketing Manager, at Rachel.Randles@ohs.org.

2015 Author List 

Carl Abbott
Imagined Frontiers: Contemporary America and Beyond
, $19.95

How have Americans reimagined the frontier in the last fifty years? These essays range from the idea of "Cascadia" to the novels of T. C. Boyle and Peter Matthiessen, from the TV series The Rockford Files, to the science fiction of Joss Whedon and Kim Stanley Robinson. Other Available Titles: Portland in Three Centuries: The Place and the People, The Great Extravaganza: Portland and the Lewis and Clark Exposition

Jeff Alworth
The Beer Bible
, $20.00

The Beer Bible is a lively, comprehensive, authoritative, and purely fun-to-read guide to beer in all its glory. Other Available Titles: Cider Made Simple

Kristin Anderson & Greg Chaillé
State of Giving: Stories of Oregon Volunteers, Donors, and Nonprofits
, $24.95

State of Giving is at once an authoritative overview of Oregon's toughest challenges and a much-needed manifesto for greater civic engagement. Chaillé and Anderson highlight the crucial role that nonprofits play as pillars of Oregon's civic structure through their engaging profiles of the charismatic civic leaders, grassroots organizations, donors, and volunteers who are working to combat some of Oregon's most enduring problems.

Lorraine Anderson & Abby Phillips Metzger
Wild in the Willamette: Exploring the Mid-Valley's Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas
, $24.95

Wild in the Willamette is a guidebook to the natural treasures of the mid-Willamette Valley, extending far beyond the familiar I-5 corridor. Sprinkled with natural history sidebars and infused with essays by notable local authors, it aims to connect residents and visitors with the best hiking, biking, and paddling opportunities the mid-Valley offers. Other Available Titles: Meander Scars: Reflections on Healing the Willamette River (Metzger), At Home on this Earth: Two Centuries of American Women's Nature Writing (Anderson), Earth and Eros: A Celebration in Words and Photographs (Anderson)

Sue Armitage
Shaping the Public Good: Women Making History in the Pacific Northwest
, $22.95

Drawing on her three decades of research and teaching and based on hundreds of secondary sources, Armitage's account explores the varied ways in which, beginning in the earliest times and continuing to the present, women of all races and ethnicities have made the history of our region. An accessible introduction for general readers and scholars alike, Shaping the Public Good restores a missing piece of Pacific Northwest history by demonstrating the part that women-"the famous, the forgotten, and all the women in between"-have always played in establishing their families and building communities.

David Banis & Hunter Shobe
Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas
, $24.95

In approaches both serious and humorous, Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas is a collection of stories, told primarily through maps, that seeks to illuminate hidden geographies of the Portland area. Over 40 people contributed to this book, which challenges us all to see the city from new points of view.

Brooke Barker & Boaz Frankel
It's Different Every Day
, $15.00 (calendar)

We were hopelessly frustrated by daily calendars that have the same thing every single day, so we made one that's different every day. Some days might have trivia about poisonous plants, others might have stories or games or finger puppets or animal facts or recipes or tiny cards that you can fold and give to your friends.

Larry Beckett
Paul Bunyan
, $21.00

Paul Bunyan draws from logging folklore to re-tell the legend of the giant lumberjack for the twenty-first century. Larry Beckett's poem is a modern epic, a celebration of the American language, and comes with a CD of a complete performance. Other Available Titles: Beat Poetry, Songs & Sonnets

Jennifer Bird
Permission Granted: Take the Bible into Your Own Hands
, $15.00

" Permission Granted is an excellent reentry point for honest, adult engagement with the Bible, whether you have been touched by it or burned by it (or both). Jennifer Bird's voice is a unique and important one: warm and witty, sage and occasionally snarky, but ultimately deeply reflective and profoundly serious about the troubles many people have with the Bible and how it is used by people today." - Joseph Marchal, Ball State University. Other Available Titles: Abuse, Power and Fearful Obedience: Reconsidering 1 Peter's Commands to Wives

Barney Blalock
Oregon Prizefighters: Forgotten Bare-knuckle Champions of Portland & Astoria
, $19.99

Join author Barney Blalock as he reveals the remarkable stories of Oregon's bare-knuckle champions including Dave Campbell, Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey, and "Mysterious" Billy Smith. Other Available Titles: The Oregon Shanghaiers: Columbia River Crimping from Astoria to Portland, Portland's Lost Waterfront: Tall Ships, Steam Mills, and Sailors' Boardinghouses

Sherri Bobzien
Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived: Growing up in the '70s in Portland
, $12.95

Whether or not you grew up in the 1970s, you'll find plenty to identify with (and plenty to laugh at) in Tuna on Toast. From the surreal TV shows, to the meanest nun at Catholic school, to making your own fun (outside!), Sherri Bobzien's first book captures the hilarity, the awkwardness, the heartache and the occasional magic of childhood in a quasi-functional family. This family will feel so much like your own-you'll cringe.

Kerry McDaniel Boenisch
Dirt + Vine = Wine: How Grape Growers Transformed Three Miles of Terroir and Shaped a Pinot Noir Revolution
, $20.00

Kerry McDaniel Boenisch is a local author and professional speaker who grew up on McDaniel Vineyards / Torii Mor Winery, one of the first commercial vineyards in Oregon. Her second wine history book is a memoir and wine tour guide filled with personal narratives about planting, developing, and operating Pinot noir vineyards in the early decades of the Oregon wine industry.

Rex Burkholder
The Activist's Toolkit
, $12.95

Imparting a ton of practical advice and wisdom gained through over forty years of civic activism, Rex Burkholder has written a guidebook for people who care about people. The Activist's Toolkit is a new, creative approach to leadership, helping you be more effective as a community activist.

Carye Bye
Museums & Collections of Portland
, $6.00

Carye Bye is Portland's Museum Lady. She leads tours as well as has compiled over 75 museums and collections to visit to learn about local history and quirky collections (and collectors) in a pocket-size guide. The Hidden Portland guidebooks series cover the topic of the "City as a Museum" and encourage engagement and appreciation of hidden treasures found throughout the Portland Metro area. Other Available Titles: Portland at Large, Circle Portland

Jennifer Chambers
Remarkable Oregon Women: Revolutionaries & Visionaries
, $21.99

Author Jennifer Chambers pens stories of Portland's most progressive, radical women who fought for change within their state. From native tribes and Oregon Trail pioneers to Victorian suffragists and unlikely politicians, strong female leaders give profound meaning to the state motto, alis volat propriis - she flies with her own wings.

Caitlin Corning
World History: A Short, Visual Introduction
, $14.99

This book presents an articulate, no-nonsense approach that guides readers through the events in world history that have shaped Christianity in the past and affect it today. It covers the most important people, places, and events with precision and clarity, and it is creativly illustrated by artist Joseph Novak whose crisp modern style brings history to life.

M. Allen Cunningham
, $16.95

Partisans is a lost work by the mysterious writer G.P. Leed, published according to Leed's designs as indicated in manuscripts discovered after his disappearance. One half of Partisans concerns a sole surviving resistance fighter (from an unspecified past war) as he wanders war-torn landscapes in search of a new life, while the other half derives from Leed's own private notebooks. Other Available Titles: The Honorable Obscurity Handbook, Date of Disappearance

Jefferson Davis
Custer's Other Brother-in-Law, the Orders Book of Lieutenant Frederic Calhoun
, $19.95

George Armstrong Custer's brother-in-law, Frederic Calhoun, was one of the members of the famous Custer Clique who survived the Great Sioux War because he was assigned to a different unit. This is the first publication of his orders book, which traces Calhoun's career in the Army, which ended at the Vancouver Barracks in the 1890s. Other Available Titles: Portland's Rose City Ghosts, A Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest

Marie Deatherage & Joyce Brekke
Pieces of Portland: An Inside Look at America's Weirdest City
, $28.95

Pieces of Portland is a beautifully illustrated exploration of why and how Portland is considered the weirdest city in America. The narrative is a personal journey through people, places, and things that reveal Portland's ways of being and doing that inspired things like the IFC television series, Portlandia, and how the city values and exercises freedom of expression.

Sheila Deeth
Tails of Mystery
, $7.99

When this German Shepherd and Chihuahua wag their tails, you can be sure some tales of mystery will ensue. Follow a year in a dog's life, told through fun short stories for kids, pets and adults. Other Available Titles: Bethlehem's Baby, A Bible Book of Chess

Gail Elliott Downs
The Black Suitcase Mystery: A World War II Remembrance
, $16.99

Step back in time to the 1940s and delve into a World War II mystery involving B-24 Liberator Bombers, the men who flew them, and the women who waited for their safe return. This is a tragic yet triumphant tale of how a team of young detectives pieced together a story of young love: separated by death, reunited by death.

Barbara Doyle
From Then 'Til Now: Schooling in Newberg, Oregon
, $18.00

This book merges parallel stories about the development of elementary schooling and the building in which it took place. The story begins before there was a building, moving through time to cover 116 years of history, incorporating student and teacher memories of the building and the educational philosophy and how the building found a second life as the Chehalem Cultural Center.

Brian Doyle
Martin Marten: A Novel
, $24.99

Martin Marten is a novel that started out being interested in being for teenagers, and then sailed away to be about all sorts of animals, human and otherwise; it stars a fourteen-year-old boy named Dave and a young pine marten named Martin, and takes place on the holy mountain Wy'east, so very often mis-called Mount Hood, which hugely annoys the author. To name a mountain here for some pompous English admiral who never saw it and could not care less about its residents and resonance is, well, annoying. Hugely. Other Available Titles: Reading in Bed, Children & Other Wild Animals, How the Light Gets In

Don DuPay
Behind the Badge in River City: A Portland Police Memoir
, $16.95

Pimps, prostitutes, safe crackers, murderers, drug addicts, thieves, thugs—and of course, the Portland Police Bureau. Don DuPay introduces them all in this candid, entertaining, and brutal look at the stark realities of police work. DuPay, a 17 year veteran of the force, has written an intimate memoir that will take the reader on an unforgettable journey, pulling back the curtain to reveal the true and shocking machinations that fueled police culture during his time. DuPay provides startling revelations about the corruption, burn-out, and heartache that he experienced during his time on the force—dynamics which remain a common pattern in long-term law enforcement careers.

Warren C. Easley
Never Look Down
, $26.95

While tagging a building at 3am in Portland, Oregon, sixteen-year-old Kelly Spence witnesses a brutal murder, but has reasons not to come forward. The murderer is searching desperately for the young girl, who has runaway from an abusive foster home. Can Cal Claxton find her first, convince her to come in from the cold, and solve the case? Other Available Titles: Dead Float, Matters of Doubt

Ellen Eisenberg
Embracing a Western Identity: Jewish Oregonians, 1849 - 1950
, $24.95

In Embracing a Western Identity, Ellen Eisenberg places Jewish history in the larger context of western narratives, challenging the traditional view that the "authentic" North American Jewish experience stems from New York. Eisenberg traces the Oregon Jewish experience from its pioneer beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century to the highly concentrated Portland communities of the mid-twentieth century. Other Available Titles: Jews of the Pacific Coast

Jennifer Engum
Caw Pawa Laakni - They are Note Forgotten - Sahaptian Place Names Atlas of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla Tribes
, $29.95

Caw Pawa Laakni 'They are Not Forgotten' is a book like none other. With information drawn from the knowledge of Native and non-Native elders and scholars, this ethnogeographic atlas of Native place names presents a compelling account of interactions between a homeland and its people. Other Available Titles: As Days Go By

Richard W. Etulain
Calamity Jane: A Reader's Guide
, $34.95

This is a reader's guide to the life and legends of the famous Calamity Jane. It evaluates all the major biographies, histories, novels, and films written or screened about Calamity Jane. Other Available Titles: The Life and Legends of Calamity Jane, Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era

Naomi Fast
Portland Light: Post-Industrial City Poems & Photography
, $14.00

The poems and photography that make up Naomi Fast's Portland Light are the product of her ten-year love affair with one of the most captivating cities of the Pacific Northwest. The book reflects Portland's light, reveals shadow and contrast, and invites you to walk deserted railroad tracks and wander streets at midnight along with these poems and photos.

Judy Fleagle
Devil Cat and the Other Colorful Animals I Have Known
, $24.95

Enjoy five great stories written over the years as they actually occurred. D evil Cat is a bizarre tale of neighbors protecting their pets in the town of Los Gatos "The Cats" and the other four stories profile rescue animals with over-the-top stories that became great pets. Other Available Titles: Crossings: McCullough's Coastal Bridges, The Crossings Guide to Oregon's Coastal Spans

Bryn Fleming
Jasper and Willie: Wildfire
, $9.99

A little girl is lost in Oregon ranchland. Wildfires rage across the land. In this second book in Bryn Fleming's Range Riders series, animal-crazy kids will be riveted by the adventures of young cowboy Jasper and his blind dog Willie. Other Available Titles: Cassie and Jasper to the Rescue

Gerry Frank
Gerry Frank's Oregon
, $19.95

Gerry Frank's Oregon features personal recommendations of places to eat, stay, and the best things to do in the state of Oregon. The guide includes over 700 descriptive reviews PLUS stories of fascinating people and events, past and present. Other Available Titles: Gerry Frank's Where To Find It, Buy It, Eat It In New York, 2016-17 edition

Max Geier
The Color of Night: Race, Railroaders, and Murder in the Wartime West
, $24.95

The investigation, trial, and conviction of Robert Folkes galvanized civil rights activists, labor organizers, and community leaders into challenging the flawed judicial process and ultimately the death penalty in Oregon, serving as a catalyst for civil rights activism that bridged rural and urban divides. The Color of Night will appeal to "true crime" aficionados, and to anyone interested in the history of race and labor relations, working conditions, community priorities, and attitudes toward the death penalty in the first half of the 20 th century.

Tom Hallman, Jr.
Dispatches from 1320
, $25.00

Tom Hallman, Jr., senior reporter at The Oregonian, is considered one of the nation's premier narrative writers. During his career, he has won every major feature-writing award, including the Pulitzer Prize. His stories range from the drame of life and death in a neo-natal unit, to the quiet pride of a man graduating from college. A common thread in all of Hallman's stories is the exploration of the character's heart and soul. The stories in this anthology are the best of his career.

Robert L. Hamm
Becoming Oregon: From Expedition to Exposition
, $19.95

The book covers the time between the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Lewis and Clark Exposition as seen by newspapers, mostly east coast U.S. papers, as they perceived Oregon.

Dana Haynes
Gun Metal Heart
, $25.99

Novelist Dana Haynes' fourth thriller novel, Gun Metal Heart, is the sequel to Ice Cold Kill and stars Daria Gibron, a former soldier and spy caught up in an international conspiracy. Other Available Titles: Crashers, Breaking Point

Stafford Hazelett
Wagons to the Willamette: Captain Levi Scott and the Southern Route to Oregon, 1844-1847
, $29.95

Levi Scott came west on the Oregon Trail in 1844, explored the country, found a Southern Route of the Oregon Trail, and stayed with the wagon companies who tried the route in 1846 and 1847. His reminiscence reveals a man of firm and friendly character who knew how to tell a good story of his adventures.

Bonnie Henderson
Day Hiking: Oregon Coast
, $18.95

Day Hiking: Oregon Coast (2nd edition) is a comprehensive guide to day hikes and beach walks, from easy to challenging, along the entire Oregon Coast. This new edition, with all new maps and photographs, also includes a complete guide to multi-day treks on the spectacular, border-to-border Oregon Coast Trail. Other Available Titles: The Next Tsunami, The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast

Evelyn Searle Hess
Building a Better Nest: Living Lightly at Home and in the World , $18.95

For fifteen years, Evelyn Hess and her husband David lived in a tent and trailer, without electricity or running water, on twenty acres of wild land in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range. Building a Better Nest chronicles their adventures as they begin to construct a house of their own, seeking a model for sustainable living not just in their home, but beyond its walls. Other Available Titles: To the Woods: Sinking Roots, Living Lightly, and Finding True Home

Janie Hibler
Wild About Game
, $19.99

"In recipes singing with simplicity, savvy, and sophistication, Janie Hibler leads us out of the woods in cooking game, both wild and farm-raised. Through stories and lore as well as dishes, she teaches home cooks to treasure America's natural bounty, giving us all reason to be 'wild about game.'" - Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison, authors of Born to Grill. Other Available Titles: Dungeness Crabs and Blackberry Cobblers

Karen Berkey Huntsberger
Waiting for Peace: The Journals & Correspondence of a World War II Medic
, $17.00

Combat medic Richard Berkey's compelling true story is told through hundreds of original sources including his war jounal and his letters to and from home. Chronologically woven together with letters from friends who were in the service, Army Morning Reports, and Unit Histories, the books leads the reader through the WWII battlefields of France and Germany.

Nancy Jarrell
Before Fallen Timbers: A Tale of The Trials, Tribulations, And Triumphs of the Captive Flynn Children of Old Kentucke (The Wilderness Road)
, $14.99

Before Fallen Timbers is a tale of the American Frontier, relating the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the Flynn children, captured by a band of Shawnee raiders in the violent years following the War of Independence. Based in part on accounts taken from The Draper Manuscripts, the story unfolds against the bloody backdrop of The Northwest Indian Wars and is told through a variety of perspectives: settlers, soldiers, natives whose world has been crushed, and children caught between cultures.

Rick Johnson
10 Things Great Dads Do
, $12.99

Great dads raise happier, healthier, more successful kids. But how do men go about being that great dad? Other Available Titles: Romancing Your Better Half, Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half

Eric Kimmel
The Runaway Tortilla
, $16.99

From Caldecott award-winning author Eric Kimmel, here is a new edition of a spicy Texas twist on the classic tale, The Gingerbread Man, featuring the artwork of Children's Choice Winner, Erik Brooks. Other Available Titles: Simon and the Bear: A Hannakuh Tale, Hannakuh Bear

Patricia Kullberg
Girl in the River
, $19.95

Girl in the River is the story of one young woman's desperation, desire, and defiance, set in Portland during the permissive years of World War II, when corruption was king, and the crack-down that follows. The novel features two remarkable women out of Portland's past: the flamboyant Dr. Ruth Barnett, Portland's most famous abortionist; and Dottie "Do-good" Lee, tireless anti-vice crusader and Portland's first lady mayor.

Lawrence A. Landis
A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University
, $50.00

A School for the People tells the story of OSU's nearly 150 years as a land grant institution through more than 500 photographs, maps, documents, and extensive captions. In-depth chapters focus on themes such as campus development, the growth of academics, the evolution of research as a major focus of the university, campus life and organizations, and, of course, athletics.

Matt Love
The Great Birthright: An Oregon Novel
, $20.00

A detective and teacher set out to thwart a Los Angeles developer from privatizing Oregon's beaches. Other Available Titles: Of Walking in the Rain, A Nice Piece of Astoria

Ron Lovell
Danger in Unlikely Places
, $15.00

Lorenzo Madrid, Thomas Martindale's longtime attorney, closes his Salem law practice to escape members of a drug gang who have been after him only to find that teaching immigration law at the UCLA Law School offers no escape. Academic politics and secrets from his past complicate his life and put him in even more danger. Other Available Titles: Murder Times Two, Murder in the Steens

Gina Luv
These Tears I Cry: Why Do I Feel Invisible
, $24.95

These Tears I Cry is a book of poetry and stories that are intense, emotional, yet inspiring, reflective of the author's own experiences facing and overcoming life's obstacles.

Margaret Malone
People Like You
, $16.00

These people in Margaret Malone's stories exist, like most of us, in the thick of everyday experience, absent of epiphanies, and they are caught off guard or cast adrift by personal impulses even while wide awake to their own imperfections. They win us over completely although we know they break hearts with each confused and conflicted decision they make.

Peter Marbach
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
, $15.95

"The Columbia River Gorge is an iconic American landscape blessed with unspeakable beauty, rich in tribal culture, and made historic by the travels of Lewis and Clark. Peter Marbach's exquisite imagery and Janet Cook's eloquent essay reminds us of the simple joy of connect with the land and the importance of preserving precious sites for generations to come." - President Jimmy Carter. Other Available Titles: 2016 Columbia Gorge Calendar

Phillip Margolin
Woman with a Gun
, $15.99

Stacey Kim, a fledgling novelist, is inspired by a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of a woman in a wedding dress holding a six-shooter behind her back. When Stacey discovers that the woman was a suspect in an unsolved 10-year-old murder case, she tries to find out the truth behind the photograph and soon finds herself in danger. Other Available Titles: Worthy Brown's Daughter, Executive Privilege, & Gone But Not Forgotten

Michael N. McGregor
Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax
, $34.95

Pure Act tells the story of poet Robert Lax, whose quest to live a true life as both an artist and a spiritual seeker inspired Thomas Merton, Jack Kerouac, William Maxwell and a host of other writer and artists. Known in the U.S. primarily as Merton's best friend and in Europe as a daringly original avant-garde poet, Lax left behind a promising New York writing career to travel with a circus, live among immigrants in post-war Marseilles and settle on a series of remote Greek islands.

Kristina McMorris
The Edge of Lost
, $15.00

In October 1937, while living on Alcatraz Island, the ten-year-old daughter of a prison guard goes missing-and only convicted bank robber Tommy Capello knows the truth to her whereabouts, with both of their lives dependent on the search's outcome. Other Available Titles: The Pieces We Keep

Grant McOmie
Grant's Getaways: Guide to Wildlife Watching in Oregon
, $16.99

Take a walk on the wild side with Grant McOmie and discover that there is always something new to see in Oregon. Many of Grant's favorite wildlife watching destinations are included in this handy guidebook and they have also been featured in the popular television Oregon travel series Grant's Getaways. This is a detailed reference book for wildlife viewing and is part of his new series of guidebooks. Other Available Titles: Grant's Getaways: 101 Oregon Adventures

Jeffrey Meiser
Power and Restraint: The Rise of the United States, 1898-1941
, $34.95

At the end of the nineteenth century, the United States emerged as an economic colossus in command of a new empire. Yet for the next forty years the United States eschewed the kind of aggressive grand strategy that had marked other rising imperial powers in favor of a policy of moderation. In Power and Restraint, Jeffrey W. Meiser explores why the United States-counter to widely accepted wisdom in international relations theory-chose the course it did.

Stephen Meyers
Flora of Oregon Volume 1: Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, and Monocots
, $75.00

Richly illustrated with pen and ink drawings, maps, and color photographs, Volume 1 describes the ferns, conifers, and monocots of the state; it also features chapters on Oregon ecology, botanical hikes, and biographical sketches of notable Oregon botanists. The 3-volume Flora of Oregon is the first comprehensive resource about the state's plants published in over a half-century.

Donald R. Nelson
Community Music Center: The First 60 Years - A Muscial History
, $25.00

A historical profile and memory album, this book lays out the fascinating story of the Community Music Center, from the early inspirational movements in local arts education, to the vision of CMC's founders, the accomplishments of students, and the significant resources and thriving community of the Center today. Other Available Titles: The South Park Blocks, A Neighborhood History, Portland Oregon: East of the Willamette River

Janna Orkney
Growing Up with G.I. Joe's
, $14.95

Growing Up With G.I. Joe's tells the inside story of how the retail chain G.I. Joe's grew from a small war surplus store in a tent in Portland in 1952, into a multi-million dollar business. The author, Janna Orkney, is the daughter of G.I. Joe's founder Ed Orkney, and she also takes a nostalgic look at her own growing up in mid-twentieth century Portland.

Cecelia Otto
An American Songline: A Musical Journey Along the Lincoln Highway
, $15.00

In 2013, singer & writer Cecelia Otto traveled the historic Lincoln Highway, (America's first transcontinental road) from one end of the country to the other, giving concerts of vaudeville-era music in every state she passed through. Her goal on this one-of-a-kind "singing travelogue": to recreate the music that had once rang out in concert halls across America. In this book, she recounts her incredible adventure along the historic 1913 route & sees Main Street is alive & well in the twenty-first century. Other Available Titles: An American Songline: A Musical Journey Along the Lincoln Highway (Commemorative CD)

Liz Prato
Baby's on Fire
, $14.95

"Liz Prato's stories are filled with the lost, the lonely, and the damned, and she makes all of them sing with a haunting grandeur. Baby's on Fire is a lamentation brimming with wit, candor, and the eternal possibility of mercy."- Steve Almond. Other Available Titles: The Night, and the Rain, and the River: 22 Stories

Robert Michael Pyle
Wintergreen: Rambles in a Ravaged Land
, $18.95

This is the thirty-year anniversary edition of a well-loved Northwest classic: the tale of a naturalist's life among the people and other species of the Willapa Hills-a land of heavy rains and heavier logging-and how our love of damaged lands grows out of their own resiliency. Other Available Titles: The Thunder Tree: Lessons from Urban Wildland, The Tangled Bank

Bob H. Reinhardt
The End of a Global Pox: America and the Eradication of Smallpox in the Cold War Era
, $39.95

Unlike other works that have chronicled the fight against smallpox by offering a "biography" of the disease or employing a triumphalist narrative of a public health victory, The End of a Global Pox examines the eradication program as a complex exercise of American power. Reinhardt draws on methods from environmental, medical, and political history to interpret the global eradication effort as an extension of U.S. technological, medical, and political power.

William G. Robbins
A Man for All Seasons
, $24.95

The life of prominent Oregon political leader Monroe Sweetland spans the spectrum of twentieth century America. Through seven decades, Sweetland experienced the economic collapse of the Great Depression, the unparalleled violence of a nation at war, the divisiveness of Cold War politics, and the cultural and political turmoil of the Vietnam War. Other Available Titles: Hard Times in Paradise, 2 nd edition

Don J. Scarmuzzi
Day Hikes in the Columbia River Gorge
, $24.99

The most comprehensive guidebook ever for hiking the entire Gorge, Day Hikes in the Columbia River Gorge includes trails not found in any other book as well as color photographs and topographic maps.

Steven Shomler
Portland Beer Stories: Behind the Scenes with the City's Craft Brewers
, $19.99

Not only is Portland filled with nearly countless breweries, brewpubs, bottle shops, and homebrew supply venues, but also the people who created the community are nothing short of fascinating. Saddle up to the bar and get to know the stories of the men and women brewing some of the country's most exciting beer and cider, from the origin of Ecliptic Brewing to a personal account of a beer truck driver. Other Available Titles: Portland Food Car Stories: Behind the Scenes with the City's Culinary Entrepreneurs

Connie Soper
Exploring the Oregon Coast Trail
, $18.95

Exploring the Oregon Coast Trail serves as a practical trail guide, describing how to navigate 40 consecutive day hikes starting at Fort Stevens State Park and ending at the California border. The book also includes many present day and historic photographs, as well as feature stories about places passed through along the way.

Randy Spelling
Unlimiting You: Step Out of Your Past and Into Your Purpose
, $17.99

Filled with inspiring stories and how-to exercises, Unlimiting You is for anyone ready to go beyond their limitations from the past and create a future filled with fulfillment and purpose. Identifying thoughts that sabotage, becoming in touch with one's innate intuition, and discovering how to live with purpose are a few of the concepts the author walks readers through.

S.L. Stoner
Dead Line: A Sage Adair Historical Mystery
, $14.95

In the hot summer of 1903, a range war is brewing out on the Central Oregon plains and Sage Adair soon finds himself the target of sheed shooters and bushwackers. This fifth offering in the Sage Adair series is crafted around actual historical decisions that nearly ripped apart Central Oregon's social and economic fabric. Other Available Titles: Black Drop: A Sage Adair Historical Mystery, Dry Rot: A Sage Adair Historical Mystery

Peter Swan
Forest Park
, $12.00

Mild-mannered Brian Westlake is killed while walking his dog in Portland's Forest Park and private investigator Rick Conwright is hired to find the murderer. A past girlfriend of Brian's was murdered eight years ago and now an ATF undercover agent has gone missing so Rick must learn how past deeds have converged on present lives. Other Available Titles: Past Due, Unnatural Causes

Mary Jean Thompson
Design and Diplomacy: A Renaissance Life
, $75.00

Fourth generation Oregonian Mary Jean Thompson chronicles her journey from growing up in the fertile Willamette Valley to building an unparalleled design enterprise of more than $1 billion to serving as a European diplomat. Combining multidimensional thinking with grit and grace to turn setbacks into stepping stones, she reveals how family, creativity, and hard work shape a life of purpose and impact, a Renaissance life that Kerry Tymchuk calls "the embodiment of the Oregon State Motto, 'She flies with her own wings.'"

Richard Thompson
Images of Rail: Slabtown Streetcars
, $21.99

Slabtown Streetcars covers the period from the first horse-drawn streetcars to the last lines in Portland. It includes information on Slabtown shops that built Portland many streetcars, the trolley designs that originated there, and the role played by Slabtown in developing trolley tourism. Other Available Titles: Images of Rail: Portland's Interurban Railway, Images of Rail: Portland's Streetcar Lines

Ardyth Kennelly, represented by Nancy Trotic
Variation West
, $19.95

Ardyth Kennelly's brilliant last novel spans four generations of a family in Mormon Utah, from the 1860s to the 1960s. Two fictional daughters of John D. Lee, a leader of the Mountain Meadows massacre, and their descendants are the focus of a colorful procession of comic and tragic stories-of domestic life under polygamy, religious fanaticism, women's sacrifices to men and the beauty ideal, and more.

Karen V. Unger
Brain Health for Life, Beyond Pills, Politics, and Popular Diets
, $16.95

There is growing evidence that diet and lifestyle can affect your brain and impact cognitive aging. The award winning book (Seventh Annual Living Now Book Awards, gold) will explain what to eat, what to avoid, and how to prevent disease to be vibrantly healthy and intellectually sharp throughout your life.

Don Weston
The Facebook Killer
, $15.00

P.I. Billie Bly hunts for burglars who are using Facebook to find their victims, when she discovers a serial killer is doing the same thing. She tries to tell the cops, but they won't listen, and now a killer called Trixie is coming after her. Other Available Titles: Bleeding Blue

Evan Morgan Williams
, $15.99

Set mainly in the West, the stories in Thorn are realistic fiction, with characters having to make difficult choices that tug at, or loosen, the ties that bind.

Robert Wright
The Brass
, $16.99

Portland's Horse Brass Pub was the cathedral of Oregon's craft beer revolution, its publican, Don Younger, the archbishop. A real British public house on American soil, twinned with an historic London pub, the Prince of Wales pub, The Brass is an epic journey through time with people from two countries, woven from oral histories; they formed the very soul of the pub. Other Available Titles: You've Got Rocks