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Welcome to the Oregon History Project Learning Center. The information for the Center has been created by teachers, historians, and museum educators to help teachers and students explore and learn more about Oregon’s past. The approaches, lesson plans, and methodologies will support teachers as they help their students develop their own relationships to history and inquiry. Students will learn to create their own questions, to read and interpret primary and secondary sources, and to design projects based on local and regional history.

The Learning Center pages include an Introduction, site guides for teachers and students and for the general user, a Teacher’s guide, Interpretive essays, Historic Viewers—interactive learning tools that represent change over time in Oregon History, an Annotated Bibliography on topics related to Oregon Country history, and Expert pages—documents written by cross-disciplinary experts (cartographers, achaeologists, and anthropologists for example) who offer ideas for teaching history through the use of specific types of primary resources.

In addition to the Learning Center resources, we invite teachers and students to explore the Oregon Biographies and Focus on Oregon History web pages. Oregon Biographies features stories and information relating to some of Oregon’s most significant historical figures. The Focus on Oregon History pages are designed to provide the user with a sense of the diverse people and events that comprise the history of Oregon and are accompanied by a collection of primary sources from the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.

Introductory Essay

Teacher's Guide

Expert Pages

Interpretive Essay

Annotated Bibliography

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