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In commemoration of 150 years of Oregon Statehood, a minute of Oregon history is read before the Oregon State Legislature each morning during the 2009 session.  The minutes are provided by the community of historians writing for the Oregon Historical Society and The Oregon Encyclopedia.  Read them here and discover Oregon's rich history a minute at a time.



Black History

 Portland Chapter NAACP 50th Anniversary

Early Exploration

 Captains Vancouver and Gray

Native American History

Costume of a Callapuya Indian // OrHi 104921 


 First Dwelling House in Salem, 1841 // OrHi 39916

Chinese History

 Chinatown, 1890s

Geological Features

 Crater Lake

Oregon Authors

 Eva Emery Dye

Women's History

Laura Stockton Starcher // CN 009047 

Mark O. Hatfield Distinguished Historians Forum
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