Agnes Goudy Lopez
"I know just from being. When I was young, I watched and watched the old people."
Boua Xou Moua
Shaman and player of the gaeng (bamboo wind pipes)
Chiem Finh Liem Saechao
"I am like a bilingual person—I can communicate with both earth and spirit worlds."
Eva Castellanoz
Traditional healer and maker of coronas and ceremonial objects
Feryal Abbasi-Ghnaim
"We put our heart, our feelings in each stitch. We tell stories through our embroidery."
Jeremias & Valeriana Bandwa
"At weddings, if there is a newborn baby, anytime, that’s when we sing. I want my grandchildren to know their culture, Umbundu culture."
Larry Dick
"My name is Tx'li-Wins, Tule Man. I make tule mats by request for medicine singings, funerals, giveaways, feasts and all traditional ceremonies."
Maynard WhiteOwl Lavadour
"I learned right from the elders on a daily basis. Now I have family that come and ask me about family history, Indian names, and traditional skills."