Johnny B. Connolly

Johnny Connolly was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He began playing when he was eight and by age 15 he was a regular feature around his hometown, performing with musicians sometimes twice his age. Johnny’s dexterity on the accordion earned him a place with the established Celtic ensemble, Anam, at the age of seventeen. In 1996 Johnny seized an opportunity to bring his skills to America. In 2001 he signed with Green Linnet records and released his first album entitled "Bridgetown" named after his adopted hometown, Portland. While based in Portland, Johnny tours internationally, performing at festivals, concerts, and schools.


Area: Within 1 hour of Portland  
Type: Performances
Grades: 4-12
Cost : $250 for one hour assembly

Traditional Irish Music
Johnny performs a variety of traditional Irish tunes on the accordion including reels, jigs, polkas, slides, and airs. He shares information about the traditional transmission of the music, the patterns (AABBAABB..) used in reels and jigs, the regional styles, and shows various instruments used to played traditional Irish music including the penny whistle and the bodhran or goat skin drum.
Social Science: History
Arts: Create, Present, Perform; Aesthetics and Art Criticism; Historical and Cultural Perspectives
Math: Patterns
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