Since 1898, the Oregon Historical Society has served as the state’s premier historical arm, gathering and preserving documents, manuscripts, publications, films, recordings, and artifacts. The Society preserves the significant cultural traditions of the diverse peoples of Oregon and has received high honors for its exhibits, its historical journal the Oregon Historical Quarterly, and educational programs for the public. The Society’s award-winning exhibits include Oregon My Oregon, a permanent exhibit that won a MUSE Award from the American Association of Museums. The Society’s artifacts collection includes ancient objects from the region’s earliest settlements as well as items donated by contemporary Oregonians. Its vast and priceless collections include some 85,000 artifacts, 2.5 million photographs, 25,000 maps, 12,000 linear feet of manuscript materials, a library collection of 35,000 books, a film archive of 15,000 titles, and more than 2,000 oral histories.

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Annual Meeting
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Annual Report & Financials
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An exclusive group of civic-minded businesses that recognize that understanding our past is vital to planning our future.
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Folklife encompasses the everyday knowledge, art, and lore passed within communities through imitation, conversation, and practice. Such arts, knowledge, and skills are rooted in the cultural life of a community whose members share a common language, ethnic heritage, religion, occupation, or geographic region.
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